Father's Day

Its Father’s day.

A father can be a rock to his family, a guide to his children and wife and transform the lives of all of them through participating in the love of God.

To all those thinking of leaving their husband, please I pray think again & ask for God’s healing.Children need fathers.

God bless all good fathers & heal all those in need.

We are God’s children, God is our Father we need him.

Do you remember also that Jesus said:

Matthew 23:9
“And call no man your father on earth, for you have one Father, who is in heaven.”

Meaning God is the Father of us all.

God bless all fathers today and every day!

AMEN to that! I think your post will get St.Joseph’s :thumbsup: approval - patron saint of families and fathers.

ps. I live just up the M1 from you, in South Yorkshire. :slight_smile:

Happy Father’s Day to all those out there.

We fathers were made in the image of God the Father. We should try to be like Him - loving and forgiving.

Lord, forgive our shortcomings and help us to become the fathers you call us to be. Thank you for our wives and our children, and the many blessings you bestow upon our families.

St Joseph - patron of Fathers, pray for us.

Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers out there! I do hope you know how important you are to you children. Once when I was teaching second grade a little girl got in a minor mishap and as I was trying to talk to her to get to the bottom of it… she cried and cried that “do you know I’ve never seen my father? Mom says I look like him. I wonder what he looks like…” I could hear the despair in her little voice and thought her dad doesn’t even know…

You are SO important.

St. Joseph, protect all fathers. Let them know how much they are needed in a child’s life. Jesus needed an earthly father and God gave him YOU! Please pray for all the fathers. Help them feel loved and needed. Amen

Fathers please also realise how lucky you are to be a father, not everyone has been so blessed.

God bless+

Do you live in Harrogate?? I am curious. I know someone from there.

No, in Sheffield - Hallam Diocese - we are awaiting the announcement of a new bishop. I was born many moons ago at the diagonally opposite end the the county, at Catterick Camp near Richmond, North Yorks…

FB - Indeed, we fathers are blessed, even though there are times [regrettibly] when we might not feel so.

And for those of us whose fathers have departed this Earthly life, let’s take a moment to thank God for the gifts they gave us while still with us (like our Faith :thumbsup:) and say a prayer for the repose of their souls and those of all fathers:

Eternal Rest grant unto them O Lord, and let Perpetual Light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen. :crossrc:

Pray for those fathers who chose to leave their children and wives. They have no idea of the damage it does to the kids.

Fathers, please love your families more than you love yourselves.

Indeed! I feel doubly blessed that I had/have wonderful parents, and have been graced to ‘know’ they are safe in Heaven. Both had a strong devotion to Jesus and His Blessed Mother and promoted the saying of the Holy Rosary.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++

God’s Spirit is in my heart,
He has called me and set me apart.
This is what I have to do,
what I have to do.

He sent me to give the Good News to the poor,
Tell prisoners that they are prisoners no more,
Tell blind people that they can see,
And set the downtrodden free
And go tell everyone the news that the Kingdom of God has come,
And go tell everyone the news that the Kingdom of God has come.

Just as the Father sent me,
So I’m sending you out to be
My witnesses throughout the world,
The whole of the world.

Don’t worry what you have to say,
Don’t worry because on that day
God’s Spirit will speak in your heart,
Will speak in your heart.

Did you write that HolyRosaryChild? I love it. I’d like to save it for myself and put a name with it! Also, I’d like to share it, with permission… Thank you for posting.

God’s Spirit…

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