Fathers of Daughters


My nine year old daughter is so special to me. She is the only girl out of four boys, but such a lady. Be warned. :slight_smile:


Awww... Daddy's girl! :)


Yes... Daughters are special.. I am the father of 3 girls, now adults and grown.. One is the mother of my two grandsons, who are very special in a much different way..
*]Because they are boys.. much different then girls.
*]Because they are grandchildren.. much different then your own children.
[/LIST]Still.. I love them all the same.


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My nine year old daughter is so special to me. She is the only girl out of four boys, but such a lady. Be warned. :)


Awesome! :thumbsup:

I have three girls 15, 12, and 10 - no boys and the oldest and youngest always make me feel like a King. The middle one is a mommy's girl, so I'm just someone to play with to her. I'll take that though :)


I am the Father of an 11 yr old and a 6 yr old. I also have a 7 yr old boy but that's a different thread.

I cherish them both. I can honestly say that I admire my oldest. She is bright as can be. I know parents tend to think that about their own children, but my girl has the awards and recognitons to prove it. She has a sense of integrity that is unsurpassed and always seems to deal with the world with compassion. she's never afraid to try something new. She may not always be the best but doesn't seem put off by not being able to excel like in sports. She focuses on the experience and says at least she tried.

My youngest is just a doll. She is so sweet and can cheer me up without even trying. She's the most happy-go-lucky kid I have ever met. I wish I were more like her.

I feel blessed by them and they truly are a treasure.

Thanks for starting this thread.


Thanks for sharing, Dads. Our girls are so precious to us. Mine is a twin with one of her brother's. Thankfully she has my wife's looks and my sense of humor. Sharp as a tack they are.


She’s earned it. She gets up early and we get a chance to talk before the boys wake up and she goes right to bed when asked, no problems. I’ll remember our 5 am talks the rest of my life. :slight_smile:


Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman

I am only in college, but if I ever get married, I want to dance my father/daughter dance to this song. It still makes me tear up sometimes, but I think it's absolutely beautiful.

I :heart: my dad. :)


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