Fathers of Mercy and the Extraordinary Form


Hello everybody! As I posted awhile back, I am discerning a vocation with the Fathers of Mercy… I visit there within the next month! :slight_smile: I would like some information from an outsider’s perspective regarding the Congregation and the Mass according to the 1962 books. I will ask them in person, but I would like some fore-knowledge before heading over there.

Do they celebrate it publicly? If so…how do they? Have they made any statements about it? Also, does anyone know if priests are encouraged to learn/discouraged from learning it?

While I’m not interested in an EF community such as the FSSP or ICK, I would like to join an order which has experience with and love for the fullness of our Roman Catholic heritage, pre- and post-Second Vatican Council

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Ave Maria!

Have you looked at the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius? On a typical day they will have a low Mass, high Mass, ordinary form in English, and OF in Latin, all done reverently to “Restore the Sacred” in the Church. With a daily holy hour and Rosary, they come highly recommended. Ave Maria!

In Corda Iesu et Mariae Sacratissima,

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I have looked at the Canons…I like what I see! I contacted the Superior a little while back and he never got back to me…which left me somewhat crestfallen. I may try again, because I absolutely love what they do!


Ave Maria!

I wouldn’t take that as a sign for discouragement at all. They can get very busy, and it’s very possible the message got lost or forgotten, or any number of things. Shake the dust off your feet and try again. “Do not be afraid!”

Ave Maria!


fra John Paul


That’s a good point. I shall try again! Thank you for the encouragement


A Father of Mercy is an associate pastor at a local parish I often attend. He usually chants the Mass (versus reciting it), and every blue moon uses some latin (ordinary responses). There are two Fathers of Mercy at a local Marian shrine, and when I was there for a daily Mass they chanted it as well, and used some latin and greek (kyrie, sanctus, domine non sum dignus if I remember correctly). All beautifully celebrated. But to your main question, no, I have not known a Father of Mercy to celebrate the EF from my experience with them.

If you are looking for a community that celebrates both forms, I am aware that the Mercedarians do so.

God bless!

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