Fathers of the Congregation of Saint Joseph (CSJ)


Does anyone know the web site for the fathers who are CSJ? I can find the site for the sisters (csjoseph.org/) but I can’t find anything for the priests.

Thank you


I thought that postnomials were supposed to be unique.


Are you sure there is one? There are the Josephites and The Fathers of St. Joseph but they are not the same thing. I believe the Sisters of St. Joseph started in Boston to staff the parochial schools. Nowadays, they seem to be more interested in “social justice.” You could contact them and ask them if they have a male counterpart.

The Josephites look very cool. They are totally devoted to serving people of color.


The Sisters of St. Joseph started in France during the Counter Reformation. They first came to the United States in 1836, to St. Louis, MO. The Boston group started later, but can be traced to the St. Louis sisters. They were not founded to teach school, but to serve “the dear neighbor.” So any and all ministries are appropriate to their charism. Schools were considered necessary in the 19th century, particularly when public schools didn’t exist everywhere. That is no longer the case.

Here is a link to the federation of Sisters of St. Joseph in the US (CSJs and SSJs):


Well, maybe I’m calling them the wrong thing. There are priests who have CSJ after their names. I just wanted to know more about them. I thought the Josephites had SSJ or something different after their name.




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