Fatima and God's existence


I stated , in the traditional catholic forum(a few weeks ago), how I was in a conversation with an intellectual (humanley speaking) guy in my gym. We talked almost everyday about some issue of religion. (you can see that post in that forum) I was basically using Karl Keating’s argument in his book, “What Catholics really Believe: Setting the record Straight.” I argued that the miracle of the sun(Fatima) not only proves that God exists, but also proves the Catholic Church is true. To make a long story short, I basically argued (with the guy in the gym) that three children claimed to have seen the Blessed Mother. (1917 Fatima) The children said that Our Lady told them various things: recieve communion, repent, say the rosary, the saturday devotions, etc. All catholic things. An angel also was said to appear to them and gave them the Holy Eucharist saying," Behold this is the Lamb of God…" Again, distinctively Catholic.
Then of course Our Lady said that God would perform a sign on a specific day to show the mesage was valid, and of course 70, 000 people gathered and just about everyone (even some athiests in the Portuguese governenment said they saw it) saw the sun “dance” in the sky and come crashing down to earth and dried (it was raining) the people’s clothes. I argued this to the gentleman and he converted. He did research on his own (again see the other post if you are interested) and eventually converted.
Ok here is my question: Do you think this is the best way to exapain the existence of God to an athiest or skeptic? It seems fool proof, and I have used it many times. it seems to really stump them. When I have tried to use the philosophical arguments such as casuality it seems to get no where. I am just interested in some of your thoughts


You say your method works, so why not stick with it.

You could also use the true apologetic method and take people through the old-fashioned arguments of God as the Mover [nothing happens without a force greater than the resulting effect the occurs], God as the organizer [nothing structured happens randomly, like the example of the monkey at the keyboard that won’t write a novel], evidence of creation, good and evil… all those things that you could find in an old set of apologetics books.

You can also use the old Trent catechism method of starting with the Creed and expounding on what each phrase in the Creed represents.

But true apologetics are for the true thinker. If the Fatima evidence works, then you are likely dealing with those who really do want to know that there is a God that loves them and demonstrates visible activity. These are a different type of convert.

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