Fatima Children after Miracle?

How were the three Fatima Children treated by the government and all the people who did not believe after the miracle of the sun on October 13th, 1917? Has anyone read anything about this?

This is after the first apparitions:

The Administrator’s Threats
Not many days later, our parents were notified to the effect
that all three of us, Jacinta, Francisco and myself, together with our
fathers, were to appear at a given hour on the following day before
the Administration in Vila Nova de Ourém. This meant that we had
to make a journey of about nine miles, a considerable distance for
three small children. The only means of transport in those days
was either our own two feet or to ride on a donkey. My uncle sent
word right away to say that he would appear himself, but as for his
children, he was not taking them.
«They’d never stand the trip on foot,” he said, ”and not being
used to riding, they could never manage to stay on the donkey. And
any way, there’s no sense in bringing two children like that before a
My parents thought the very opposite.
“ My daughter is going. Let her answer for herself. As for me, I
understand nothing of these things. If she’s Iying, it’s a good thing
that she should be punished for it.”
Very early next morning 20, they put me on a donkey and off I
went, accompanied by my father and uncle. I fell off the donkey
three times along the way. I think I have already told Your Excellency
how much Jacinta and Francisco suffered that day, thinking that I
was going to be killed. As for me, what hurt me most, was the
indifference shown me by my parents. This was all the more obvious,
since I could see how affectionately my aunt and uncle treated
their children. I remember thinking to myself as we went along:
“How different my parents are from my uncle and aunt. They
risk themselves to defend their children, while my parents hand me
over with the greatest indifference, and let them do what they like
with me! But I must be patient,” I reminded myself in my inmost
heart, “since this means I have the happiness of suffering more for
love of You, O my God, and for the conversion of sinners.” This
reflection never failed to bring me consolation.
At the Administration office, I was interrogated by the Administrator,
in the presence of my father, my uncle and several other
gentlemen who were strangers to me. The Administrator was determined
to force me to reveal the secret and to promise him never
again to retum to the Cova da Iria. To attain his end, he spared
neither promises, nor even threats. Seeing that he was getting nowhere,
he dismissed me, protesting however, that he would achieve
his end, even if this meant that he had to take my life. He then
strongly reprimanded my uncle for not having carried out his orders,
and finally let us go home.

Taken from “Fatima in Sister Lucia’s Own Words” page 89

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