Fatima, Conversion of Russia and Peace

We all know that no Catholic in good conscience is obligated to believe in private revelations. The Church merely declares them to be “worthy of belief”, nothing more or less.

With that said, successive popes have placed a great emphasis upon Fatima and explicitly recognized its validity; so that weighs on my judgement.

In light of recent developments, I think it is impossible to hold to the notion that the prophecy in the Second Secret has been fulfilled. If anyone doubted before, recent events have made clear that Russia is a rogue regime which is interfering in democracies in Europe and North America, even going so far as murdering - or being the efficient cause of death of - British citizens in Salisbury and Amesbury (poisoning with novichok, the deadliest nerve agent known to science).

This follows a pattern of reckless behaviour starting with the invasion of Georgia in 2008 and continuing with the annexation of Crimea in 2014, spurring unrest in Eastern Ukraine through the use of hybrid warfare and spreading disinformation worldwide through social media, dark money and other channels.

As for the Russian Orthodox Church, it is practically an arm of the Putin regime and utters not a word of criticism in respect of the Kremlin’s policies.

…so in terms of Fatima, this leaves one in a sticky position. Either:

(1) the prophecy is false and has been proven so by recent events, or

(2) the interpretation given by the Vatican in 2000 is in error (i.e. the prediction of Russia spreading her ‘errors’ and causing wars, annihilation of nations etc. still holds and is happening before our eyes and the peace promised to the world upon its conversion remains to happen in the future)

Really, it boils down to a choice between these two options and neither one is particularly stellar. The consecration is said to have taken place in 1984, if my memory recalls, and that’s the official party line (which I see no reason to doubt, unlike with some fringe folk)…but the fruit of that consecration clearly hasn’t sprung up. Russia is actively sowing discord worldwide, undermining trust in governments and deterring peaceful relations with other governments.

So what do you think? Was the prophecy simply wrong or was its ‘semi-official’ interpretation (i.e. fall of Communism) wrong?

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Good sir!! Russia hasn’t done anything on the world stage that the USA hasn’t done. That being said there are crooks and criminals at the top countries that call themselves liberal democracies. They exist all over in this world sadly. The message of Fatima about Russia was about the spread of atheist communism


I would reject the Fatima revelations on the basis of Deuteronomy 13 alone, but that’s my opinion.

Communism in Russia fell ages ago. The USSR ceased to exist.
It doesn’t mean that Russia, or the USA for that matter, is going to be perfect going forward.


Wasn’t there something about spreading errors throughout the world? :thinking: I think it’s safe to say that the cancer metastasized decades ago and the Elites are falling into Satan’s plans. :man_shrugging:t2:

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The Luciferian philosophy that guides many agendas has definitely spread far and wide. Endless war and a culture of death are proof that Russia cannot be held solely accountable.

Joseph McCarthy definitely smelled a conspiracy; however, he didn’t understand the scope or objective. He was an unwitting and unskilled whistle blower.

Russians will always be an adversary of the West.

That being said, they haven’t done anything we don’t do. Obama spent millions of tax dollars in Israel trying to get their prime minister beat in an election.

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We’re all joined together in an unholy Masonic Union :neutral_face:


Your understanding of this prophecy is limited by your own limited perspective. Communism fell in a spectacularly peaceful way with the influence of JPII–something No One expected. God’s timelines are not ours. Don’t merely look to current events and deem them a prophecy unfulfilled. God can do anything He wants to do at any time. The prophecy of our Lady, methinks, is unfolding. It is not complete.


I would add that under the Soviet Regime, Christianity was very much suppressed/underground. Compared to that, we can say there’s a flourishing Christianity now in Russia.


our lady wanted the consecration done in 1929 to stop the errors in the first place spreading to the rest of the world communionism, abortion first became legal in Russia, the working women etc, in my opinion, whether it was done in the 80s or not, it was too late as all the errors had been spread throughout the world… and our world today is very sinful.

That’s just my take on things…

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Yes, somehow sinful humanity never is living up to Our Lady’s requests. But she’s not given up on us yet, and we won’t know until we reach heaven how our rosaries, prayers, and even delayed responses have mitigated potential disaster.

I think its all on PUTIN, Boris Yeltsins huge mistake. Here’s hoping
for his downfall. Change at the top much needed

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This is true. The Third Secret of Fatima and the dream of Don Bosco both warn of an attack upon the Church and the death of a future Pope.

Or the Illuminati.

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I agree, at least as far as the Russian government is concerned. I don’t know that the Russian people are our adversaries. Those I have met are not.

I disagree to an extent. We have done bad things, but there is a chasm of differences between the Soviet, and now Putanist, Russia and the U.S.

Aside from all of that, I simply do not believe that a consecration of Russia has any meaning other than to the people who believe in it.

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Depends on who you ask.

Putin seized Crimea, South Ossetia, and has interfered in elections.

We conquered most of North America, and interfered in elections, and are the only country in the world to use atomic weapons on civilian populations.

Freedom will always have its challengers. Freedom will always provide the solution.

Seems entirely irrelevant to this conversation. Perhaps you’re in the wrong thread.

That verse says do not follow the prophecies if those prophesying tell you to worship false/ demonic “gods”. the Fatima apparitions did not say to do that.

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