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Straight from the seer’s own memoirs, “Fatima in Lucia’s Own Words” is the definitive book on the 1917 and later apparitions. Read it and see if you believe the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart, given as the “only” means to a period of peace, is done as requested–by the Pope, in union with all bishops, in their respective cathedrals in a solemn, public ceremony at one time consecrating Russia by name to the Immaculate Heart for the conversion of that nation.

We have been it has been done. Case closed. Private revealtions do not teach the Church in this manner or take precedence over public revation.

Sister Lucia’s memoirs are out of print (but I clicked request this in Kindle Format so maybe it’ll be republished!)

I love anything to do with Fatima, so I bought Father Apostoli’s book in Kindle format.

The definitive book on Fatima is Documents on Fatima & Memoirs of Sister Lucia found here ewtnreligiouscatalogue.com/DOCUMENTS+ON+FATIMA+THE+MEMOIRS+OF+SISTER+LUCIA/cid=29/page_no=1/edp_no=3718/shop.axd/ProductDetails

or here:


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It looks very good.

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