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Does anybody know what the primary source for this supposed quote from Our Lady of Fatima is?

“In October Our Lord will come, as well as Our Lady of Sorrows and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. St. Joseph will appear with the Child Jesus to bless the world, Mary told the three children during her Sept. 13 apparition, preparing them for her next visit. More on the connection later.”

I’ve seen is posted numerous places on the web, but I have yet to find the primary source. My guess is it is from one of Lucia’s memoirs?

If you are wondering why I’m curious, it’s because if Our Lady of Fatima did speak this, it seems to be strong evidence that Mary not only appeared at Fatima but also at Mt. Carmel and such. I’m a convert who’s catching up on all these apparitions so humor me a bit.


I don’t think this is what she said. Wait, I think I"m wrong about that…:face_with_monocle:



The words would have been taken from a deposition, of sorts, at the time of the apparitions.


It looks like you’re running into the same trouble I did. :sweat_smile: Everyone posts this quote as fact but there is no reference!


The authorities would have an official transcript. I could look for it. There was a lot of bureaucracy. I can go find official transcripts for you if you like.


Do you want them for any particular reason?


You are correct. Official documents are hard to find. It would help to know Portuguese. The kids would have told the messages to everyone as they happened, however, so there is no reason to doubt them.


I have the book, “Documents on Fatima and the Memoirs of Sister Lucia,” by Father Robert J. Fox.

The book contains the first documents on the apparitions.

The OP quote is from this, but slightly different in words.

At the Apparition on September 17, 1917

After Lucia asked the Blessed Mother to perform a miracle, the children were given this answer,

“On the last month[October], I will perform a sign in the sun, so that that may believe.
And St Joseph will come with the Child Jesus to give a blessing to the world, and
Our Lady of the Rosary. Afterwards, Our Lady of Sorrows and Our Lord.”

Lucia states that during the last apparition she did not see the miracle of the sun, but instead saw what the Blessed Mother had told her as above.



That’s a very helpful pointer. Thank you.

I’m starting to get a little overwhelmed about all these apparitions. As a recent convert, I find myself wanting to be a minimalist Catholic–only believing what I must and zeroing in on Christ with the knowledge I have. But there are certain things which follow logically from a belief in Catholicism. For example, the recent canonization of Francisco and Jacinta Marto seems to put the nail in the coffin for any possibility of Catholic skepticism of Fatima. But if Our Lady of Fatima referenced her previous appearances as having actually occurred, then it logically follows that the Catholic should believe in those referenced apparitions as strongly as the Fatima apparition.

I’m probably overthinking it, but I can’t help but try to make sense of this new “Catholic universe” I’ve stepped in.


You really don’t need to concern yourself with these apparitions unless you feel drawn towards them. The Catholic Church goes through a very rigorous examination of each and every apparition before it approves them worthy of belief. Few have passed this test. It does not mean they did not happen but the Church did not approve them for one reason or another.


I’m just having issues because since Fatima passed the test with flying colors, it would seem that the apparitions mentioned by Our Lady of Fatima would inherit Fatima’s epistemological certainty.

All this means is that I have to become more Catholic than I originally reckoned. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe this is a good thing? It also means I have to wrestle with some of the things Mary said at these other apparitions, as some things are very counter intuitive for the Protestant.


What apparitions are you speaking about? One needs to be careful about some. They may contradict the Faith in some way.


Our Lady of Carmel is bothersome to me. Specifically all this brown scapular stuff. It just seems, prima facie, like superstitious nonsense.

Haha I guess I’m in vain looking for a minimalist Catholic Mary? Maybe I’ll have to accept she’s not like the Protestant one at all.


You don’t need to have any particular devotions to Our Lady of Mount Carmel, for example. It’s voluntary.

But who the Virgin Mary is to Catholics is light years apart from non-Catholics, for the most part.


Of course. But my point is that if I wish to be consistent, I can’t believe Fatima and reject Mount Carmel. At least it seems highly unlikely Mary would present a false apparition as a true one. That’s why I was originally seeking the source of this quote. Maybe this quote was falsely attributed to her, and then I’m off the hook for Mount Carmel.


Gotcha. Well, a number of Catholics don’t believe any of the apparitions, and they are not require to as Catholics. You will find that not a single thing contradicts the Sacred Deposit of Faith in any way.

I think this sabbatine privilege idea is disputed by some, however, as far as the Brown Scapular goes.


Well, now I’m caught in a dilemma. Either the teachings of Mary from these apparitions are true, or Catholics have a strange knack for making stories up.


maybe this will help


Thanks, but I think you are misunderstanding where I’m coming from. I understand that these apparitions are private revelations, but my very struggle is that it is difficult to affirm Catholicism and deny Fatima. Fatima fits so well, has a boatload of evidence, has canonized saints being its prime witnesses, and has been evoked by many popes (JPII esp.).


I’m not saying don’t believe in the apparition or deny the apparition. I’m saying don’t worry. While one isn’t required to believe in the apparition to be a good Catholic, one CAN believe. I’ve been to Fatima, and mass on the feast day, people as far as I could see, from all cultures, maybe 1/2 a million at mass. I believe in it completely.

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