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When you talk to a person, and I mean a verbal conversation, do you ever say; ‘and etc.’. Is it usual in a conversation?
Was something left out in the written version and covered by the ‘and etc.’ as if we all already knew it or had been previously told what that was. :shrug:


what does your title have to do with your question, and what does your question have to do with apologetics? Does your question have a point?

the King of Siam in the film version of the King and I, loved to use the phrase et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.


thanks for that memory… what a great movie!!:thumbsup:


I would never say “and etc.” as it is redundant and grammatically incorrect! :smiley:




Does’nt anyone speak english. :dts:
Last sentence of second secret;
'The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, and she shall be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world・'
This following sentence was added to the end of the second secret by Sr. Lucy in her memoirs written during winter 1941;
'In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved, etc.'
Its supposed to be the first sentence of the third secret of Fatima which she heard in the vision.
I’m just wondering why a vision would say 'etc.'
Also wondering why its not in the third secret released.
And is it because of the ‘etc’ - which might not have been ‘etc’ in the vision but an actual idea expressed in words, but which Sr. Lucy was unable to write down in her memoirs for whatever reasons.
Is that any more intelligible?


Etc. is a common abbreviation of the Latin et cetera, which, loosely translated, means and so on. To tack the word and onto it is, indeed, redundant.

To answer your question, no, it’s not more intelligible. What are you asking?


Edit: I figured out your question. I have no answer, however. Sorry!


While I say ‘etc.’ in speech sometimes, I agree it sounds odd coming from a vision. So maybe it didn’t. You say this is in her diary, but not in the third secret? I’m not at all familiar with the fine details of Fatima (I got the sun miracle and that’s about it) but is it possible that Sr. Lucy wrote this in her diary as a note to herself? Somtimes if I know I’ll just need the beginning of a sentence to remember the whole thing I’ll do this when I’m in class. For example, prof says “I have regular office hours, regular email found on the website, I use the office assigned to me for all meetings, and the telephone number is on your syllibus”. I might just write “regular office hours, email, etc.” because I know what the rest of it means and I know I’ll be able to remember.

That came out kind of long and I might not have said anything at all! Is this possible or was Sr. Lucy conciously writing for others, not just herself?


We might look at the original message in Portuguese. It could be the translation?


I just looked at some of the sites about the third Fatima Secret, very intersting to say the least.

Sherry Shriner has a bible code site and I had never seen one before so WOW Cool!

David Booths site has the message and I didnot see any etc oh one but I think it meant a date of the letter not sure .

I had never read much about the Fatima before but find it amazing and then read the Nostradamus site. It is the most interesting as HE agrees with HER writings, this is really amazing and even lets them qoute him, ( but is he still alive?)

Butttt the even most exciting:) really is that Mel Gibson intervieved sister Lucia while filming the movie The Passion, this is for real wanting to get her opinion and sset up a movie screen at her convent and she watched, but of course just soon after that she passed on which I hadn’t even know because my friends at the church have just been informing me of all the goings on in the last years.

I very important prediciton is that a high figure will be assinated and of course there have always been attempts on officials so who?

The site that seems a bit on the radical is the

This may come through so put it seperate but this site has lots of prohecies so I’m not going there, thanks for your info it will give us ladies in the rosary circle some discussion and I am one of the few with a computer so let me know any thing else about this that I have missed .

On the sites the Secret is translated from Espanol or Italian etc different languages. Are these the sites you have looked at?


no not very
we were supposed to intuit what you were talking about from OP
I am getting old and my mind reading ability is not as sharp as it used to be.

if whatever wacko website you are referring to causes people to compare Fatima with Nostradamus, no your thesis is not intelligible, and reference to such a site is not likely to help.


I believe this is what you are asking about.
**The Secret Is Written Down

Between 1935 and 1941, on the orders of her superiors, Sr. Lucia wrote four memoirs of the Fatima events. In the third of these, she recorded the first two parts of the secret, explaining that there was a third part she was not yet permitted by heaven to reveal. In the Fourth Memoir, she added a sentence to the end of the second part of the secret: “In Portugal, the dogma of the faith will always be preserved, etc.” This sentence has been the basis for much speculation that the third part of the secret concerned a great apostasy. Sr. Lucia also noted that in writing the secret in the Fourth Memoir, "With the exception of that part of the Secret which I am not permitted to reveal at present, I shall say everything. I shall not knowingly omit anything, though I suppose I may forget just a few small details of minor importance."


I have a genius for causing confusion. Dessert compared it with Nostradamus, but I don’t know anything about Nostradamus. And I have not given any website.
I was just wondering (in very poor english) why a vision would say ‘etc’. It seems sort of odd coming from a heavenly visitor who has an important message to transmit. I agree that Sr.Lucy would write ‘etc’ instead of going through a long written text again, if that text had already been transcribed by her at some earlier time.
So if a heavenly visitor would be unlikely to say ‘etc’.
And if Sr.Lucy had already written what she mean by the ‘etc’.
Then where is that text?
It does’nt seem to be contained in the Third Secret because it does not mention anything about Dogma being preserved in Portugal.
And because she added that last line to the very end of the second secret text it looks like that line was a part of the vision she experienced but which she had maybe written down elsewhere at some earlier time.
But where now is the heavenly information beneath and behind the ‘etc’?


don’t worry about it, if we weren’t confused we wouldn’t be here in the first place, so if we can all be confused togther, so much the better.


smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/23/23_33_7.gif but I don’t want to be fused together with any con… and not you confusing guys 'n gals either smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/4/4_12_3.gif



I don’t say ‘etc’ in conversation, I use other expressions to the effect of ‘and so on’ a lot, though.

As for the message - looks like Sr Lucia explained it just fine, that ‘etc’ probably covered a part of the message she was not permitted to reveal at the time. Why it should automatically be assumed that that portion was heretical or contained apostasy is beyond me.


You know i got curious about this word etc. , I looked it up and in the french it can mean carefully.
But there are many meanings for it look in the wiki.
i too think we should not worry too much as this has been studied much by non other than the Holy Father when he was Cardinal . The Holy Spirit will lead and guide him, we have to hold to that and pray continually to our blessed Mother. Peace don’t fret that is what our Mother Julie says at our Catholic nursing home. Dessert


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