Fatima shrine turns away pro-life petitioners for second year in a row


FATIMA, Portugal, May 23, 2013 (LifeSiteNews.com) – The rector of Portugal’s Fatima Shrine, Fr. Carlos Cabecinhas, is again refusing permission to members of the National Pro-life Referendum Committee to collect signatures favoring a national vote on the issue of abortion.

Since 2007, abortion has been legal in Portugal during the first 10 weeks of pregnancy, and is financed by the government at taxpayer’s expense.

In a recent e-mail to Luis Botelho, leader of the Committee and president of Portugal Pro Vida, Cabceinhas writes that “the Fatima Shrine maintains the same prohibition that was communicated previously,” in 2012, when the Committee first asked for permission to collect the signatures.

Rejecting arguments that the Shrine is violating Portuguese law, Cabecinhas argues that “it is our understanding that the Shrine can prohibit the intended action. Among other reasons, it should be noted that the proposed activity could conflict with the purpose of the Shrine, which is for strictly religious purposes.”

Cabecinhas denies that he is seeking to “prohibit, impede, or create difficulties for the exercise of the right of petition,” but expresses his concern that “it is still our conviction allowing an exception in this matter would create a precedent that would bring about a great profusion of requests in the future, without any possibility of accommodation on the part of the Shrine.”

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and hes right to do so.

I have no idea on this but reading the article, of course, all abortion is wrong but prohibiting abortion after 10 weeks “seems” to be better than what is going on the United States. If it can’t be made totally illegal, sorry to say, we should get a compromise. I have had friends in England say they don’t have late term abortions though I can’t vouch for it personally.

I guess if there is a separation of church and state, that needs to be respected. I don’t know their laws. I would hope Catholics would be conscientous enough to know that they should try to do their duty against this evil.

So the rector is against petitions, it is not as if he has come out in favor of abortion. Seems he just does not want the site to be over run with people petitioning on a regular basis.

And why should one " compromise " on ones morals and or faith ? And why should any of us respect a state that is time and again working against those of the Christian / Catholic faith. Respect as i see it, is earned not given, and lucky for the state they do not have to fret over wether or not they have my respect.

The rector is right. The shrine of Fatima has its purpose, and he is right to make sure that the purpose of the shrine remains what it is.

To try and turn it into a political trampoline, to gain momentum, is NOT its purpose.

This is not to say that I think the pro-life cause is wrong; quite the contrary. I just say that the Fatima shrine is not the place to carry it out.

You don’t compromise on life. Abortion is murder no matter how many weeks.

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