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I have a question regarding the statue of Our Lady of Fatima. It is coming to my area and I am going to go see it. However I don’t understand the differences between this and the “original” Fatima statue. Am I correct in understanding that this is not the statue that actually holds the bullet that struck St. John Paul II, that the “pilgrim” statue and the “original” statue are not actually the same statue? Can someone please clarify?

You’re correct; the statute at Farina and the Pilgrim statutes aren’t the same statute.

The crown of the statute of OLO Fatima in Portugal is what holds the bullet you reference.

The original Fatima statue never leaves Fatima except to go to the Vatican at the Popes request. The Pope, (I think Pope PiusXII ) Blessed many other Fatima statues that travel all around the world. Get in touch with the World Apostolate of Fatima to get more information. God Bless, Memaw

The Pilgrim Virgin Statue is probably the program you’re seeing advertised in your area. There are two basic Programs of Visitation of the Pilgrim Virgin Statue which is a copy of the Statue of Our Lady Of Fatima. One Program is put on by the America Needs Fatima groups of persons and usually involves the whole parish welcoming the Pilgrim Virgin to the parish and has various programs that the Pastor will pick. The other program of Visitation is the same thing only on a smaller scale and it involves welcoming Mary into your home via a delivery of a copy of the Fatima Statue brought to you by a regular group of folks left with you in your home for a week. It comes with an opening prayer ceremony that you and your family and your neighbors and friends will say together with those delivering the statue and which you will say each day with those of your household each day till the closing ceremony done once again with those who bring the Statue to you. When I had her in my home it was the local Legion of Mary folks who brought her to me and we had coffee and cake and prayers and it was really nice. I did feel a warm “presence” of Mary in a special way in my home when we did this too. It was nice. Some parishes have a Pilgrim Virgin Visitation program independent of the Legion or any other organization. But it is usually started by the America Needs Fatima folks. It really is a wonderful experience and if it is available to you, you should definitely do it. I’ve moved from a town that had that available in the local parishes and wanted a visitation here, but the local parish doesn’t support that stuff so I have to wait till…


The Fatima Statues that travel from the World Apostolate of Fatima,Blue Army, are ones that were blessed by Pope PiusXII. I don’t know about the ones that the America Needs Fatima uses. . The ones that have come to our Churches have always been the ones from the World Apostolate of Fatima. God Bless, Memaw

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