Fauci says masks might be necessary ‘into 2022,’ in spite of vaccine

The leftists want these measures to be PERMANENT.

There is nothing on the horizon that changes any principles the left is hollering about.

Corona virus will still be deadly for old people.
Corona virus will still be deadly for sick people.
Corona virus will still have sytemic inflammatory-associated side-effects.

There will just be less vulnerable people involved.
Just like we have now with influenza.

Either the mandates
(masking-up, social distancing, quarantining of HEALTHY individuals, cancelling Masses due to poltical pressure/mandates [like here] but having unwritten mandate
EXCEPTIONS for political leftists, – leftist politicians, RIOTERS, political funerals with predominantly leftists in attendance, MSM people after they get off camera, etc.)

. . . The policies need to change.

The principles allegedly driving the mandates are NOT going to change.

The national leftists WANT THIS. And they want it PERMANENTLY.


Fauci says masks might be necessary ‘into 2022,’ in spite of vaccine

One critic, Dr. Lee Merritt, called masks ‘Orwell’s boot on a human face.’

Wed Oct 28, 2020

By Patrick Delaney

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania, October 28, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Dr. Anthony Fauci, the most prominent member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, recently proposed that even with a vaccine, social distancing and mask mandates may be necessary through 2021 and “into 2022.”

The immunologist, who has served as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) for 36 years, made these statements during a Zoom meeting with the medical community of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia earlier this month.

When asked how long masks and social-distancing will be needed, Fauci stated that, presuming a vaccine is 70% effective, many months will pass prior to society reaching herd immunity . . .

“You’re not going to have a profound degree of herd immunity for a considerable period of time, maybe toward the end of 2021, into 2022,” he said. “I feel very strongly that we’re going to need to have some degree of public-health measures to continue.”

Fauci also advised against expectations a vaccine would be a “knockout punch” for COVID-19, stating that for respiratory viruses, vaccines are often less effective.

“It’s not going to be the way it was with polio and measles, where you get a vaccine, case closed, it’s done,” he said . . .

Bold mine.

We have discussed the physiology of WHY this vaccine cannot be like polio, etc.

And WHY for a disease process like this it will NEVER eradicate corona virus.

It just cannot. Even with a robust antibody response.

But people take pot-shots at that idea (when I have presented it).

Now that Fauci is saying this directly,
maybe we’ll see a lot of people finally admit this? :wink:


One thing is certain if Joe Biden wins the election: There will be intractable pressure put on states to impose lockdown policies on the citizenry. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris keep promising to pressure the states to maintain strict mask mandates indefinitely. But unfortunately, those policies are already being promoted under this administration by Dr. Deborah Birx. The vexing question of the day is how — and why — she continues to pressure governors to impose failed policies that the president himself has already rejected.

While Dr. Fauci is the more notorious face of lockdown panic policies in the media, Birx is traveling the country demanding that states follow Joe Biden’s policies.

On Saturday, Birx visited local health officials in Rochester, Minnesota, to warn them of rising cases. Minnesota has a liberal governor who has promoted restrictions and mask-wearing as strongly as anywhere in the country, yet the fact is lost on Birx that her own policies have failed to stop the spread. She claimed that the early cold weather drove people indoors and is causing the virus to spread in recent weeks. Well, given that Minnesota has a mask mandate, why should that matter? Ooops, I forgot, masks actually don’t work.

Why do you think that? What are your sources? When the pandemic is finished there’ll be no need for mask mandates.

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But we will need it for flu, and since one life is too many we will need to continue social distancing, continue to ban people from attending Church, etc.

The left likes the lock down because it gives the power to institute whatever they want without reproach.


The pandemic will never totally be eliminated, and there will likely be decades of resurgence scares to come. The question is, how long will government and media hype be able to justify a radical restructuring of Americans’ daily lives?


Well no who you are calling ‘the left’ is just wanting to protect lives. There’s no ideological conspiracy about ‘the left’. Look all over the world people wearing masks whether they have left or right governments. The problem is the spirit of anarchy is exploiting common sense scientific recommendations to spread it’s shortsighted objective of chaos as the new normal.

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Please explain to me why anyone would want permanent masking if it’s no longer needed at some point? I mean, please explain it to me like I’m a five year old…

What would be a reason to want the US to permanently remain in masks? And please try not to sound like a crazy conspiracy theory but a justified reason why wearing a mask for the rest of our lives.


The leftists want these draconian madates PERMANENTLY IMPSED.


What are your sources?

I already told you my sources. (But it doesn’t matter.)

The principles cannot change.

So the only things that can change is policy or the virus magically going away. (Or a miracle from God.)

The virus is now basically endemic. It is kind of all over (even in the Amazon they have found case) and it is not going to go away. Even with a vaccine. (We have already discussed the physiology of WHY with current vaccine technology, the virus cannot be eliminated. Now Fauci is basically admitting the obvious publicly on that).

Let’s see those principles. The “evil leftists are the spawn of the devil, who want to rob you of your freedom to worship, who want to take all your moneys away and spend it on abortion clinics. Who want to change our free life to fascistic communism, and also want thought control, like in 1984. And, of course they want to get together in some pizza parlor to engage in satanic child abuse and cannibalism”. Do I read you correctly?

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who allow public schools to open but not Christian (presumably private schools)
who allow casinos to allow people according to size but limit all churches to 50 or fewer
who sue nuns for not wanting to pay or sign for contraception

who wants to remove the Hyde Amendment?
who supports tax dollars to PP?

who generates the cancel culture?
who shuts down speakers whose views differ from theirs?

just as the protesters are destroying our cities

(I am reversing what you are saying–using a small fringe element to characterize the entirety of a very large group is wrong on both sides)

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Your source talks about sometime in 2022. So that’s less than 2 years away. There’s never been a deadly disease that’s been permanent. Human beings are resourceful and clever by Gods grace and they triumph. Even Trump yesterday said the pandemic is over, that being one of his governments achievements. So all this permanent talk is conspiracy theory stuff.

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We were originally told the end of March, that was only 2 weeks away… at the time.

Leftists are about government control and that is a philosophy that is meant to be permanent.

And I’ll bat back the same force of wacky conspiracy stuff in kind. The problem with rightists is the spirit of anarchy exploiting common sense scientific recommendations, to spread it’s shortsighted objective of chaos as the new normal.

Calling this wacky after 4 years of prostituted government with the Russian hoax is itself wacky.

Clear closing of the guard for first Hillary and now Joe Biden to prevent prosecutions speaks against you.

There is a terrible disease in government. Words like wacky are not some sort of magic spell that makes those realities disappear.

Motherwit . . .

Your source talks about sometime in 2022.

Think about it. When these lockdowns began, some of us were told by politicians that these executive actions would be a matter of a few weeks. Maybe less.

This is incementalism.

OR . . .
The policies will HAVE TO change.

Because the virus isn’t going to go away.

Why does it signal permanence/incrementalism? During the 2nd world war, there were far more restrictive mandates but none of those exist today. They serve a purpose and then they aren’t required.

Trump assures us that it is already under control.

Motherwit . . .

Why does it signal permanence/incrementalism?

No. You go back and re-read “why”.

I have already answered that several times.

Motherwit . . .

Trump assures us that it is already under control.

Then why not begin another thread on “Trump”? (You can talk about it there.)

Yeah, but it’s great for trying to scare people.


If that is ONLY what you have said, that would be good. The rest is either irrelevant or nonsense.

Are you agreeing with the point I made there?

To you it may be irrelevant nonsense: for all we know, you are an atheist who thinks anything to do with religion is irrelevant or nonsense.

But your opinion is irrelevant. The question is why should the non-criminal activities of some groups of people be disrespected while those of others allowed? If we can fill a casino full of people at the rate of 1 per X square feet, why not churches? (not even considering the different rates of average sobriety in the two places)

And so on down the line.

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