Fauci warns of 'anti-science bias' being a problem in US

A number that dwarfs the number of deaths in both WWI and WWII doesn’t mean much?

As for pre-existing conditions, I don’t understand this kind of claim either. We don’t consider deaths of pneumonia in terms of pre-existing conditions.

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You’re comparing US war deaths to a worldwide virus that has predominantly struck the elderly and vulnerable, so it is not the best comparison to make.

In any case, I wear my mask out of charity for neighbor, since many people have been unfortunately frightened out of their wits by the media and experts about this illness.


Sadly, it’s an old phenomenon. One of the great American intellectuals of the twentieth century won the Pulitzer for writing about this in 1964:

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Or the restrictions put in place in some areas have drastically limited the virus’ spread, unfortunately leading some to assume the restrictions were unnecessary.


I think Im Just simply exhausted from the constant barrage of biased language, adjectives, weasel words and lately, outright lies, even from respected news sources.

I shouldn’t have to wade through piles of dung to get to the facts.

The only thing the media needs to do is report. As in “So-and-so did such-and-such.” The five Ws and an H. Full stop.

And you’re absolutely right—all this deliberate disinformation makes a situation ripe for rumors and conspiracy theories.
So blame the media for it, not the readers trying to make sense of it all.


We are well over 100,000 deaths in the US.

It’s a big deal.

It’s weird that when the first AIDS cases were being reported, AIDS patients were feared and shunned, people were afraid to catch it through casual contact even though it wasn’t possible.

Now, Covid 19 is transmissible through casual contact, and some think it’s not a big deal.


Fauci, the scientist that said sexual encounter hookups with an unknown person during a pandemic was acceptable depending upon your personal risk assessment …where one if not both had to leave the safety of their homes in order to have this intimate sexual encounter … that Fauci?

I dont think its necessarily an anti-science bias … I think its the messenger and the inconsistencies in the message

Dont shake hands
Dont go to work, school, church, movies, dinner, theater [unless one is in NYC then its okay], etc.
All businesses are closed [unless you are a politician or celebrity]
Stay home - unless you just gotta have sex with that person you saw on Grindr or other site
Dont wear a mask unless we tell you to wear a mask
Protests are okay - Rallies are not
Looting/Rioting is okay - earning a living is not
Turn convicted loose to save them from COVID - lock up those who disobey stay at home orders
One in a boat is okay - two is not

Flatten the curve
Wait for a vaccine

I think people feel conned


People feel conned because of Fauci’s answer to a question about sex?

I don’t know anyone who has claimed that “protests are okay” but “rallies are not.” Everyone I know believes both are dangerous. I do know many who believe that’s really where the equity of these situations ends, however.

Nor do I know anyone who believes that “looting/rioting is okay” but “earning a living is not.”

It amazes me that people feel like this is some sort of sham simply because everyone – including them – is learning as we go. This is uncharted territory for everyone experiencing it. It seems like people have gotten tired of new rules/new restrictions/lessening of older restrictions, feel confused, etc. and therefore are just done paying attention.

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  • Many claimed travel bans and quarantine hotels don’t work because “racism” and “xenophobia”. We know they did. This is why Australia and New Zealand have been the most successful. In fact, in the last few weeks the vast majority of the new cases in Australia are imported and all 3 new cases in New Zealand after full eradication of the virus earlier this week. Japan also has a strict ban on travel.
  • Many claimed masks don’t work. What a U-turn.

But it’s not just this epidemic. We can extend this to cannabis and other topics.


I don’t mind wearing masks, but they tend to slip and I get sick of getting an earful from store employees whenever it slips below my nose for a few seconds. I only go to Walmart nowadays because they don’t care enough to pester their customers like that.


Well - lets analyze that -
It is extremely dangerous to leave your house to go to Church - you are putting yourself and others in danger - this is NOT OKAY at all - you can be punished / fined - even if you are at a drive in service in your car … definitely not sitting in a pew.

However, if you see a person on a website and want to leave your house for an intimate sexual encounter with a stranger - this IS OKAY as long as you assess your own personal level of risk.

You see, you say its a question about sex … but it was a question about a reason to leave your house and ignore the stay at home order …

Not to mention the fact that a hook up for sex with a stranger is never safe - pandemic or no pandemic, stay at home order or freedom … and it is not safe not matter how many people do so without suffering any consequences … people have been murdered doing this activity, people have contracted and passed on to others illnesses that were directly connected to this activity.

So yes … when the man who says we should probably never shake hands with another person and we need to stay home - cannot respond to that question with stay home - its a pandemic - it was not about the science


He was asked a question and answered off the cuff. Disregarding all of his medical expertise as a result seems quite drastic.

Fauci notoriously dismissed the seriousness of the pandemic in February I thought. His judgement is what appears to have been faulty.


You know what is settled science? Biological sex. X chromosomes and Y chromosomes. Genitalia that develop at puberty. Sexual complementarity. Sexual reproduction and the proper methods to achieve procreation.

And please don’t @ me with cries of “but, but, intersex!” because hard cases make bad law.


Intersex isn’t even a “hard case”.
To make a baby, you need a sperm and an egg.
Sperm come from men.
Egg comes from woman.

The inability to produce either is either a birth defect, an illness or injury. Not a “third sex”


I see the disagreements on this as largely semantic. There is language that unambiguously speaks on the biological attribute. It is a person’s “sex.” (You will usually hear a transgender person speak of “gender” instead of “sex.”).

Twisted quote taken out of context.


Fauci never said that.


When in February? What was known at that time?

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Bearing false witness against Dr Faucci is this season’s parlor game among the embattled president’s supporters, it seems. Unfortunately it won’t work because Faucci has enormous credibility, the kind you can’t buy or steal.

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