Faux summer is almost over!


:crying: Summer is almost over for me, and I don’t want it to end. I don’t want school to start! I don’t want to go to the store and get school clothes for me! I don’t want to go hook up the LAN!

Although I do have some really cool stuff for the computer time line, and I do have these really neat bulletin board cards on famous people in computer history…

…Nope! I want to stay in my sloppy clothes and flip-flops, and paint more stuff.



University holidays haven’t even started here yet! The last tests are on the 6th and the holidays are till Oct. 3rd. High school closed around July 21st and starts again on Sept 4th.

Have a good school year!



Dang, I’m glad I’m out of college :cool: :smiley: I hated going back! And summer never lasted enough! How much longer till you’re done?


I’m not in college. I’m the tech manager in a small Catholic elementary school.


Cool. I’m the computer lab manager in an alternative high school. I was “encouraged” to teach summer school as well, so I have a whole rollicking week to take off between SS and staff orientation.



Nobody wanted to go to summer school here. :smiley: Don’t waste that 7 days.


At least you get summer vacation. I went back a year ago, and I haven’t left my lab before 6:45pm any night this week (and yes, I do start by 9:30 am). Summer? What summer?


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