Favor factory? Huma emails ...

Sorry if people are tired of this, but facts on the pay for play angle need to be surfaced.
A functioning democracy can’t have this at these levels.

Favor factory? Huma emails reveal Clinton allies seeking jobs, meetings

A lot of people seem to have dismissed the email scandals [and the private **server … not a private email address] … figured to dismiss the issue as political campaign rhetoric.

But the issue is still there: mishandling of classified information.

ANNNND, freedom of information requests have revealed MANY MORE classified emails than previously estimated.

… not a private email address] … figured to dismiss the issue as political campaign rhetoric.

But the issue is still there: mishandling of classified information.

ANNNND, freedom of information requests have revealed MANY MORE classified emails than previously estimated.

I believe, not sure which committee, they are reconsidering opening an investigation regarding Clinton, Lynch, Comey, Rice. . . . . .

Then LOCK HER UP or stop talking about it. If there’s so much evidence against her, it should be a slam dunk for AG Sessions.

There’s some swamp land in Sheboygan I’d like to sell you if believe that. :slight_smile:

We may need a wooden stake to finish the job.

But former Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon told Fox News these emails will not distract from the ongoing investigation into Russian meddling and potential collusion with the Trump campaign in the 2016 presidential election.

“Hillary Clinton is not in government anymore or a candidate for office,” Fallon told Fox News. “So none of this is going to succeed in distracting the public from the active FBI investigation into President Trump.”


Someone let me know when they bring out the clown car, I love seeing how many they can stuff in there.

Yes I do. And I hope the guilty parties get what’s coming to them.

I’m sure there’s plenty of evidence that Clinton did political favors for campaign donors. As seamy as that might seem, it’s as common as dirt in Washington and every state house, and nobody thinks of it as illegal.

Where the paths diverge, though, is when there is money paid, not to the campaign, but to the officeholder herself or her family members in exchange for favors.

And the diverge even more so when there are donations of any kind from foreign governments, and especially if they result in policy actions.

Is this supposed to be like the “I have ocean front property in Arizona to sell you if you believe that” bit? Sheboygan is on Lake Michigan so there probably is actual swamp land there. :shrug:

Doing such job favors would likely be a firing offense, not sure about federal charges.

Airing the issue is appropriate to help it serve as a deterrent to future similar transgressions by other individuals.

If it gives occasion of sin to bear further false witness and spread more gossip, then no, it most certainly is not appropriate to keep playing the broken record about Hillary.

If there’s evidence, then LOCK HER UP. Otherwise, enough with the broken record.

Facts matter.

Yes, lock her up. She knows the law too well to just get locked up without a significant amount of digging…

So you don’t think it helps as a deterrent to air facts on corruption.
Mind you this isn’t gossip, these are emails obtained through FOIA.

No, I don’t think it helps. It is gossip

Facts matter, not gossip. LOCK HER UP and then claim it’s a deterrent. Until then…it’s gossip unbecoming any Catholic.

The facts are the emails. That you think they are ‘gossip’ is a bit disturbing.

What I think is disturbing is that after nearly 20+ years of broken record about Hillary and Bill, there’s supposedly so much evidence of any wrongdoing vis a vis Benghazi (how many investigations?) and her stupid e-mails and so on and there’s still no criminal prosecution for whatever it is they did. **It’s gossip. Move on. **


The emails/server/classified info is a separate issue from Bengazi. You seem to be conflating the two. The fact that Hillary Clinton broke basic security rules in regards to classified emails is a publicly known fact. It is not gossip. I find it odd that you seem to wish to turn this into an insinuation of sinning on the part of anyone here who believes Clinton should be charged for her misconduct.

We may never know what the true motivation was behind the Clinton/Obama State Department’s backing of certain factions during the “Arab Spring”. What we do know is that the State Department under Clinton actively sought to topple the governments of Lybia and Syria and seemed pretty supportive of the overthrow of the government in Egypt. Which has led directly to the insane violence and cruelty of the Islamic State. So I think we can safely say that the one thing tying Bengazi and the email server together is the gross incompetence of Hillary Clinton at the State Department.

In what alternate reality is the email scandal gossip, you were aware that there were extenuating circumstances (Lynch, Comey, Obama and Bill. . . . ) behind this investigation and that it may very well reopen, headed by a new DOJ and with a new FBI director? Thank goodness!

Watch the whole clip:


I am aware of no such thing. It’s still gossip, and no amount of rationalizing the gossip makes it any less uncharitable. Either LOCK HER UP or move on. What part of LOCK HER UP means un-investigated, un-prosecuted, and un-convicted? Move on.

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