Favorite 19th-Century Pope

Inspired by the poll on favorite 20th-Century popes, I’m curious about people’s preferences on pontiffs from the 19th Century.

Gregory XVI. Condemned railways. With Britain gridlocked and a Middle Eastern war of oil looming, we are just beginning to realise he was right.

i like blessed pius ix and leo xiii. :thumbsup:

Anyone care to guess who I picked? :smiley:

Pius IX? :smiley:

Leo XIII…his Encyclicals were amazing…I wrote a paper on Rerum Novarum this semester for my Honors Econ class–got an A on the paper and the presentation!

Rerum is some amazing thought; it’s a shame our modern leaders don’t follow some of the things that Papa Leo said in it…we wouldn’t be in the worldwide mess we are now if they would…

I pray for his canonization!

Leo XIII is also my favorite 19th century pope. He was an amazing writer. There is a book (from TAN I think) that compiles all or most of his encycials that I plan to buy.

I like both Blessed Pius IX as well as Pius VII. Poor Pius VII, he had to deal with Emperor Napoleon.

Paul VI ?

I picked Pius IX, for restoring the English hierarchy in 1850; I just wish he had restored the Scottish hierarchy as well (Leo XIII did, as one of his first acts). Thanks to certain 16th-century Popes, both hierarchies had been extinguished :mad: :frowning: So Pius IX gets my vote :stuck_out_tongue:

Paul VI ?

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Pio Nono, with Pius VII as a close second. He wrote the beautiful Litany to Our Lady of Sorrows while imprisoned by Napolean.

Pius IX, and it just so happens I started reading a biography of him yesterday. Leo XIII would be second.

I voted for Pius IX. A close second is Leo XIII.

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