Favorite Apologetics books?

Okay, well here’s my top 3.
I still want to read a lot more, though!

  1. *Upon This Rock *by Steve Ray
    I really enjoy how the book is put together. There’s a biblical defense at the beginning, and following are the Church Fathers’ words on Peter and his successors. As two of the earliest Church Fathers, Clement of Rome and Ignatius of Antioch are given special attention. In the book, there’s a huge supply of footnotes from Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant.
  2. *Hail, Holy Queen *by Scott Hahn
    Scott Hahn is just great (of course). I really like this book; it talks about the doctrines and their biblical support - from typology from the Old Testament to the woman clothed with the Sun in Revelation.
  3. *Biblical Defense of Catholicism *by Dave Armstrong
    Covers all the basics; was my first book on apologetics!

What are your favorites? And don’t forget to tell why!

The Everlasting Man and Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton.

God bless

I like the “Beginning Apologetics” books by Jim Burnham. Concise and easy to read.


“How Firm A Foundation” by Marcus Grodi. It’s a novel, but it’s a great apologetics book as well!

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