Favorite architectural style for churches

Which style do you prefer most for churches?

I have decided to post this in the Traditional Catholic forum as much of western art and architecture is indebted to the tradition of the Church. Futhermore, it seems to be of great concern to many traditionalists that historical Catholic styles of art and architecture are restored and re-established in the Church at large.

Feel free to post about your favorite churches and include pics :slight_smile:

Baroque and Rococo.

Thoroughly Catholic with no trace of Protestantism whatsoever.

Gothic is wonderful as well.

There is a poll now :slight_smile:

Some tough choices…I had to look a couple of them up on Google Images (Palladian?). No need to look up “Modern” though…where is the throw-up smiley when you need it?

I voted Gothic. Second place would go to Baroque, but for the exterior (beautiful) - not the interior (can border on gaudy IMO). Third place would go to Byzantine.

Agree! Wow, my wife and I went to the Asam Kirche in Munich and it was incredible. It made me want to see more of these.


And it is fairly small by comparison to others.

I’d love to see more of these.

Hopefully people look up all the various types of churches on their list so they know that they are voting for the right one they like.

That is absolutely beautiful.

Hopefully people look up all the various types of churches on their list so they know that they are voting for the right one they like.

That’s what I did, on all of them, even though I am somewhat familiar with most. The first interior I saw for baroque was this:

…doesn’t do it for me.

Ah, but St. Peter’s is Baroque bordering on the end of Rennaisance.

I voted Gothic and Baroque.

Gothic, because I have heard it said that Gothic is actually the only truly Christian architecture. It was the ideal at the height of Christendom in the Medieval blossoming, and was the only one that was uniquely Christian with uniquely Christian symbolism attached. Romanesque and Byzantine were Classical Roman and Hellenistic respectively…and everything that has come since the Renaissance has tried to recapture Classical styles in some sense.

But I still like Baroque when it is grand and sweeping.

Is there a website somewhere that compares the styles?

I love my new parish in the town I just moved, so before I vote, can someone tell me what it might be.

http://www.stsebastianct.org/images/sts.bmphttp://www.stsebastianct.org/images/sts.gifhttp://www.stsebastianct.org/images/top1.jpg It also has a beautiful painting of St. Sebastian’s martyrdom on the ceiling as well as paintings of the four evangelists. The side altars are adorned with beautiful and detailed mosaics (you can’t really tell they are mosaics until you get up close)–one of the Assumption and one of St. Sebastian. Likewise, the stations of the Cross along the walls are depicted with similar mosaics as well. Also, in big gold letters there are various Latin phrases going around the walls, as well as circular portraits of various saints. There are also statutes of Jesus (Sacre Heart) and Mary (Our Lady of Grace) (the painted plaster kind) on either side of the sancturary, but they are just cut off (along with the altar rail) in the picture on the right . Finally, on each side there are three statues (same kind) of various saints each under an arch.

So, architecture experts, what is it? :smiley:

I don’t know but it’s truly a work of art, very well suited for saying the Traditional Latin Mass.

I like 'em all, as long as the temperature is controlled (warm in the winter, cool in the summer) and I can actually hear the priest and the cantor (good sound system).

By the way, this was my favorite church until I discoverd my current locale:


It borders on a little too much, in my personal taste at least. I think the one I posted above has a good balance.

Baroque churches often do a great job with their altars and devotional ornamentations, but they don’t quite lift the gaze (and with it, the mind and heart) like Gothic architecture.

Yes, I agree, This one is beautiful.:thumbsup:

Thought I’d help the poll out with some pictures:

Gothic- Revival

Please add or correct. I may not have picked the best or even typical examples of some styles.

I picked Romanesque, Gothic, and Rennaisance as my favorites.

Mark Wyatt

I believe my local cathedral is Romanesque.


And this is … hideous

I wonder if that is not a good example of baroque revival (maybe plus a rennaisance style dome)? In any case, its a very nice Church.

Mark Wyatt

Baroque and Gothic hands down! I love the beauty and ornateness of Baroque churches.< but I agree Gothic is true Christian architecture.
I wish more churches in the Us were like like that.

Gothic, Baroque and Byzantine.

“Modern” is hideous.

The whole thing seems more Florentine/Renaissance Revival than anything else, especially the towers.

As far as that monstrosity in Los Angeles, it could be sold off and turned into a nice shopping mall, were it not erected on consecrated ground. :hmmm:

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