Favorite baby items/ gifts?


I'll be going to a shower for my DIL (see the men at baby showers thread ;)) in TX next week. Son and DIL live in Washington and gifts will be packed in a separate suitcase and flown home.

What are your favorite baby items? (keeping in mind they have to be packed and flown home!) I'm thinking of putting together a pampering basket for DIL - foot soak, pedicure items, nice soaps, that sort of thing. I've also bought some favorite children's books. (I'm thinking foot soak and foot creams can be packed in checked luggage, but I'll look into that.)



for a situation like this were shipping would cost more than the gift I would choose a gift card (one of the few times I would go that route). I just checked out cloth diapers and covers and nearly choked, if I can get a second mortgage that is what I would by for a baby gift.


I think the pampering idea is lovely. If you want to get a gift for the baby, consider burp cloths, or an outfit like

I have a two year old and a four month old, and these kinds of outfits are my absolute favorite. They are also nice with zippers instead of snappers. What's so great is that even the squirmiest baby can't kick off pants or socks.


How about a diaper bag? It can squish down if it is empty or you can pack it with other small items, for the trip home.


My personal favorite baby gift to give and receive is a really really good, will last a lifetime, soft,lovely,merino wool baby blanket:heaven:. There are ones with lovely silk trim too, and you could have it personalized. All of my kids got one from my mom and they LOVE them to this day.

That, or something like a chidren’s wall crucifix or holy water font that they can keep forever.

I dunno, when I think gift from grandparents, I think something that is ‘forever’ that they can know is from you and have as a meaningful keepsake.

The pampering gift is a great idea too. How about getting a gift card for a local spa type place where she lives so she has a reason to get a break after baby arrives?


Books are just what I was going to suggest. Some of my favorites to give for baby showers include these board books: Sandra Boynton's Pajama Time, Goodnight Moon, Good Dog, Carl and Pat the Bunny.


The baby gift I almost always give is a crocheted baby afghan. My mom makes them, so I pay her for the yarn and something for the time it takes to make (although I admit it is not what the afghan is worth retail). The recipients always seem very pleased to receive a hand-made personal gift. I usually ask her to make them bigger than the standard baby blanket size. New parents always get lots of the little baby blankets, but when something bigger is needed (i.e for tummy time), these afghans come in handy. My own kids have quite a few afghans from grandma, which I will keep for them to give their own kids own day.



Thanks for the replies. Since the baby is due in Sept, I have time to consider the personalized gifts for after the birth. I like the idea of a personalized blanket for each grand child.


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