Favorite Beatles songs?

Are there any other Beatles fans out there? Dear God, I hope so!

What are your favorite songs by them? It’s hard to pick just a few, but “Here, There and Everywhere”, “I Me Mine”, “Penny Lane” and “I Saw Her Standing There”.


“Revolution” because John Lennon was beginning to see the holes in the pro-death, me-first, gonna-protest-everything culture in which he and his friends were living. He was starting to understand the hollowness of all that. I only wish he could have worked his way through to Christ and the Church. He’d have made one great apologist. :wink:

I also have trouble picking just a few. Although lately, I’ve been loving “Martha my Dear” a lot.

From what I’ve read, he became a Born Again for about a year but Yoko was very much into the occult and did everything possible to pull him away from God.


It’s a real shame.


I really like that one too.

Oh yeah, me, my wife, and my 20 year old daughter who is the expert in the family. :smiley:

Favorite song? So many! But the last few days I’ve had Eleanor Rigby in my head (and on my CD player :wink: )

Gotta be norwegian wood, help, hold your hand, hard days night they are all awesome before they started the heavy stuff. Drugs and the yogi ruined them! Look at what it cost them where they even lost rights to their music!

Hard Days Night. I like the light, early stuff best.

If true. I’m not sure about believing Roberts–he’s been known to exaggerate before. I’d want to see that letter, if he has it. I hope JL did have some sort of experience of Christ, though. I’m sure Our Lord would have given him the chance to be saved.

As to Beatles music, it’s good stuff for the most part. I didn’t approve of their lifestyle when I was a teen, and some of their lyrics are too worldly, but considering how bad the songs are now, they’re seem pretty innocent by comparison. I also like “Hey Jude” just because it’s song about one guy encouraging another to go after the girl he loves and make her a part of his life. Both the idea of having such a friend and making the girl more than a one night stand are good themes kids today ought to listen to and take to heart.

The most profound The Beatles’ song is the Sgt. Peppers’ inner grove.:thumbsup:

:smiley: Fun question…

Must pick one from the early years…

*]Day Tripper

The rest of my favourites are from the middle years

*]For no-one
*]She said
*]Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
*]Good Day, Sunshine
*]Many more from Rubber Soul, Help, Revolver, Sgt Pepper’s

Not much from the later years, just

*]Across the Universe

But my all time favourite is one that is rarely listed among their great songs, but I can recall the first time I heard it, and for nearly fourty years it has been my favourite Beatles song:

*]Hello, Goodbye:yeah_me:

And there’s the beautiful “Yesterday” and “Something in the Way She Moves”. Both are lovely.

In college I took a religion class named “religion, language and music” (5 religion classes were required at my school)

My professor wasn’t of the cloth but was pious about the Beetles. How they managed to flip the magic switch of music and introduce eastern religion.

I love the songs that explore new sounds. Their output was incredible for a band that really didnt perform or record all that long.

My roomate an I took the class together. For the rest of our months as college students we heard a beetles song, quote or tune once a day. Kukocajo can now, even years later, reduce us to a heap of giggles.

You Can’t Do That
Twist and Shout
And Your Bird Can Sing
Hey Jude
Two of Us
If I Fell…

Ah…forget it! TOO MANY GREAT ONES to list!

Add those to my list!

Here’s a teaser… “If I Fell” is reminding me of a lovely song from the early years. It opens with George playing a slow, chromatic, refrain on a nylon string acoustic. It’s by Paul, but I can’t think of the rest of it. Any ideas? :slight_smile:

“I’m looking through you.”

Magical Mystery Tour"

Cry, Baby, Cry

“Penny Lane”

“Day in the Life”

“Back in the USSR”

“Bungalow Bill”

“Baby, you can drive my car.”

Just to name a few.


I’ve always liked “Yesterday” and “In My Life,” the latter sung by Judy Collins.

I´m not really much of Beatles fan but I am a George Harrison fan… so forgive me if my favorites are Georgie boys… Something, I Me Mine ** and the acoustic version of ¨While My Guitar Gently Weeps**¨ on the Beatles anthology CD are my favorites.

Oh!!! and how can I forget George´s wonderful guitar solo on ¨And I love her¨…it melts my heart everytime I hear it.

God bless

Greetings to those posting and or reading this thread,

I guess I am going to be the oddball out. I am quite fond of Yellow Submarine.

God Bless.
Anathama Sit

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