Favorite Bible story?

I have created this thread to hear what are other people’s favorite Bible stories and why that particular story means something them.

My personal favorite is the story of Susanna and the two perverts who try to falsely accuse her after lustfully going after her. I haven’t read the story recently so I haven’t remembered all its details but whenever it comes up at Mass, it feels like I’m back in kindergarten sitting on the floor listening to the librarian read a story. It’s just full of descriptive and captivating narrative and also features a great moral (get a hold of yourselves! ) and a hero (Daniel) that saves that day.

So what’s your favorite Bible story?

“And the angel of the Lord declared unto Mary and she conceived of the Holy Spirit…”

It’s amazing that God loves us so much that He would want to come down into this mess to show us the way to Heaven. And he did it through his greatest creation…woman and childbirth…Isn’t every baby a miracle? If you are a mother, you know this is so true…

The Resurrection, hands down.

The parable of the Prodigal Son. I’ve strayed and continue to stray and God keeps welcoming me back through the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

I also love the story of Susanna. My older sister and I were always wondering what “washing balls” were. I wanted to see a Holm tree. :slight_smile:

My favorite story is the woman at the well who wanted the Living Water that Jesus offered.

“The Road To Emmaus”; how they came to recognize Him in the breaking of the bread.

My favorite too!

Book of Tobit. I never read it growing up as a protestant but such a great story when I read it just last year.

(In the voice of Jeff Foxworthy)

If your favorite bible story is from the Deuterocanonical sections of Daniel…you might be a Catholic.

I like the story of Balaam for its quirkiness and all the jokes one can derive from it.

My favorite story is where God tells Abraham he will be the father of many and challenges him to count the stars, if he is able. It didn’t mean much to me until someone pointed out to me that it was daylight. (The next few verses talk about the sun going down, etc.) That changes the story entirely for me. Telling me that God was saying to Abraham, you know the stars are there… you just can’t see them right now. Challenging us to trust his promises, even when our mortal temporal minds cannot fathom them.

Hmmm, good point.

I really like the story of Joseph and his brothers in Genesis.

Cornelius is my favorite by far. It shows that God loves everyone.

That’s my favorite as well, but I’ve only read up to Deuteronomy so far. I should get to Joshua tonight, though :slight_smile:

It’s not necessarily my favorite, but for some strange reason it always stands out to me: the rich man seeking for eternal life. Aren’t we all like that rich man?

Things that make you say, “Hmmmmmmm!” I never thought of that… :slight_smile:

Sounds like you are trying to read from beginning to end?

One thing you might consider is reading the historical books in order rather than tackling the Bible like a novel - you may find you will get more out of it:



Then you can go back and fill in the other books.

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