Favorite books about saints


Joan of Arc by Mark Twain (that book really developed my interest in and devotion to Joan of Arc. Mark Twain really did a good job showing her strength and fortitude.)

A Man for All Season by Robert Bolt (my favorite book about the life of Thomas More.)

Haven’t read them both in their entirety, but… I have two books on Saints that I enjoy from time to time and have learned a lot from:

Little Lives of the Great Saints
John O’Kane Murray, M.A., M.D.
Butler’s Lives of Patron Saints
Edited/with additional material from Michael Walsh

Ironically enough, when I moved into my apartment the attic was filled with boxes of books… I asked the Manager and apparently, a previous tenant was a local priest who had passed away some years back. These two were amongst them. I brought them to the church and they weren’t very interested (most are Pre-Vatican) so I took it as a sign… especially since I was on the verge of returning to Catholicism at the time and my daughter kept asking me to take her to Catholic Church!) Anyway, I love the books and hold them dear…

Hope this helps in some way :slight_smile:

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