Favorite Books of the Bible


I was just wondering, what are your favorite books of the Bible, and why? My favorite books (So far. I haven't read them all.) are all four accounts of the Gospels, and the book of James. I can't say which book of the Gospel I like the most. I love Matthew because I like his particular writing style and how he shows the Davidic line never ended, I like Mark because it's short and to the point, I like Luke because it stresses being historical, and for its accounts of Mary, and I like John because it is the most theologic of the four. I like the book of James mostly because the first debate I ever got into was faith and works, and I had no clue what I was doing and I opened the Bible and just happened to open it on James 2:14 through James 2:21.


Gospel of John,1 John, Genesis.


Macabees first book.


Sirach, The Song of Songs, Gospels of Luke & John.


On my own, I've only completed Genesis, Exodus and the first book of Corinthians...so Genisis I guess :) if only because I love reading about how God began to set the foundations of the Church.


Luke, Genisis, John


Gospel of John. I get chills every time I hear "In the beginning was the Word...."



My favorite changes according to what I need at a particular time. Right now my favorites are The Gospel According to John, Judith, Tobit & Psalms. I also like Proverbs and Sirach.


The most fun and exciting books are 1 and 2 Kings where things get really crazy after King Solomon dies and the kingdom splits everybody is killing each other in Israel trying to become the next king. Great action movie material...


I like Luke and Tobit. :)


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