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I am needing to order something on Amazon, and I need $2 more to get free shipping.
So I thought I would take this opportunity to finally get a book for myself I have been wanting to read. I have read many suggestions on here, people mentioning their favorites, but now that I am ready to order one, I did not write any down! Even last night I saw someone here on their signiture had their favorite, but I do not remember who it was.

Any quick suggestions?

Anything on spirituality, catholocism, parenting, a saint

Thanks for any suggestions! :slight_smile:

Union with God - Letters of Spiritual Direction by Blessed Columba Marmion.

I have a copy and it is getting dog-eared. It is much highlighted. Great stuff to think about.

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta considered this book to be her favorite work from which she drew great solace… Mother Teresa would quote from him extensively, even citing him in her orginal hand-written copy of the Constitutions of the Missionaries of Charity.

– David L. Toups, S.T.D., writing in the forward of this book

Currently reading Imitation of Christ by Thomas A Kempis.

It’s pocket size, easily to be carried around and I love reading it between work.

Is it “Burst: A Story of God’s Grace When Life Falls Apart” by Kevin Wells?

Because we don’t know you or your level of understanding of the Faith it is difficult to advise any one particular book ; why not just enter a topic into Amazon and read the reviews of the books that come up and , if possible, read part of the book to see if it is for you.

‘Introduction to the Devout Life’ by St Francis de Sales. This book changed my life, by the grace and mercy of God.

See my signature…

It is a composite of the teachings of the great mystic Doctors of the Church including, Teresa of Avila, Catherine of Sienna, John of the Cross, Francis De-Sales and others.


That’s one of my favorites too! :thumbsup:

I’m reading that book right now. :slight_smile:

The Ordinary Path to Holiness also brings in several of the saints and their wisdom and experience in the interior life.

Life Is Worth Living by Bishop Fulton Sheen
Life Of Christ by Bishop Fulton Sheen
The Pain Of Being Human by Eugene Kennedy

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