Favorite Broadway Musicals?

As long as we’re talking theater in this section of CAF, what are your favorite Broadway musicals?

Mine are (in order):

  1. Gypsy–I think it’s the most perfect musical ever written. Great music, great characters, meaningful, sad and happy, real but fantastical–just an all-around great musical. I think every mother should see it before she has babies.

  2. Fiddler on the Roof

  3. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

    • Phantom of the Opera*
  4. Finian’s Rainbow (hasn’t been done in years–too controversial–has anyone seen it recently in their city?)

    • Bat Boy: The Musical*.

I’m also a sucker for a high school production of Brigadoon, mainly because of the music and bagpipes.

I sat through 4 performances of “Les Miserables” in San Francisco. “Les Miz” is my all-time favorite got-it-all musical!:clapping::dancing: :crying: :extrahappy:

I really like Les Mis and ADORE Fiddler on the Roof - in fact I often find myself humming ‘Tra-di-tioooooon …’ when I’m around these forums for no apparent reason :whistle:

One of the best musicals in terms of having good music is Chess - written by those talented boys from ABBA. Although it often seems to have problems as a staged piece - maybe it’s too set in a specific time period? - and there have been some rewrites since I knew it first that removed some of the best songs and changed others.

I have to admit a soft spot for O-o-o-oke-la-homa too.

I DO THAT TOO! LOL! As soon as I read your post, I started to hum it…and also…“if I were a rich man…”

*Cats *(someone had to say it – Besides, it’s the only one I’ve seen on Broadway (a classmate of my bride was in the original cast :bounce: ))

Guys & Dolls


Into the Woods

And two more votes for *Sweeney Todd *and O-o-o-o-o-o–klahoma!


I will substitute Broadway musical with Live Theatre and say
Phantom of the Opera and Cats
Fidler on the Roof

I love Rent and Phantom of the Opera.

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Sweeney Todd
The original French-language version of Notre-Dame de Paris (the English translation was excreable, and somehow it just doesn’t work in an Anglophone context)
Some days Jekyll and Hyde, some days not
The first run of The Scarlet Pimpernel. Douglas Sills is lovely.
I like Frank Wildhorn, as you can tell. I’ve heard that Dracula was miserably bad, but I’d still like to see/hear it, because I’m a completist.

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I’ve only seen Phantom of the Opera in person (and that was a broadway tour show in Houston). Loved it. It’s one of my all time favorite soundtracks.
Some I’d love to see:
Sweeny Todd
Les Miserables
Beauty and the Beast
Lion King

I know I’m missing some, but can’t really think at the moment.



Camelot (Be sure NOT to watch the movie version!)




John Higgins, could you please tell me what the difference is between the movie version and the stage version of Camelot?

I have tried to sit through that movie and find it incredibly dull. (Of course, I don’t like the whole Arthur/Guenivere/Lancelot love/lust triangle plot. Depressing and shockingly true-to-life!)

So because of the movie, I have avoided ever seeing the stage version. Would I like the stage version better and why?


Les Miserables is on top of my list. Rent also comes in. Of course, I also love The Phantom of the Opera.

West Side Story - every time I see it, I KNOW that just once Tony and Maria will find happiness and every time I cry my eyes out.

Lion King - just saw it 2 weeks ago - it was amazing

Beauty and the Beast

Meet Me in St. Louis - you gotta see this one in St. Louis on our outdoor stage, the Muny

I’m seeing Les Mis at the Muny in a week so I’ll know more about it then

All the corny, traditional ones - Music Man, Oklahoma, Sound of Music, 7 Brides for 7 Brothers



I grew up hearing the cast album with Burton, Andrews, and Goulet. The movie, with Richard Harris (He was alright), Redgrave, and Franco Nero (Whose bright idea was that???!??) was off putting. Lerner and Loewe put a great score together and the movie ruined it. I have seen the play performed on stage. This one had Goulet as Arthur (He was kind of long in the tooth.). The singing’s most of the play anyway. Give it a chance.


In the 80’s there were touring companies of Broadway shows which had the original stars performing. I got to see Richard Burton in “Camelot” (so bleary-eyed that he looked like a singing toad, but that voice, that voice!), Yul Brynner in “The King and I” (that was wonderful), and Anthony Quinn in the musical “Zorba” (OK - for those who know, Herschel Bernardi was the original from the musical, but Quinn was the original Zorba).

Anyhow, just tossin’ in a random memory…
“Les Miz” still my #1!

Sweeney Todd! So much so that I designed and made this doll as a gift for a friend of my son (both of whom are ardent Todd fans).

Add to the list:
Most Stephen Sondheim musicals
The Producers


I saw him at the end of his career too! Bleary as his eyes were, they were still piercing.

Agree on Les Miz!

Also, we had the pleasure of seeing the original casts of “Sweeney Todd” (Len Cariou, Angela Lansbury, Victor Garber) and “Evita.”

Oh, I have seen my share of musicals. My boyfriend is a professional musician playing in orchestra’s - so I have seen a variety of shows.

Best hands down - Les Mis.
Now my second fav is a bit of a shocker I have to admit. The music was downright amazing and catchy like Les Mis…Jeckle and Hyde

I forgot to add The Sound of Music to my favourite musicals. Some might object, but I do like Jesus Christ, Superstar.

West Side Story
Phantom of the Opera
Beauty and the Beast
Scarlett Pimpernel

Not sure if Fiddler on the Roof was ever Broadway, but it’s my other favorite musical.

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