Favorite C.S. Lewis book that isn't about Narnia

I think C.S. Lewis is one of the best Christian writers I have ever come across. I love his Narnia books, but I also enjoy his books that aren’t about Narnia. So I decided to make a thread that only talks about the stuff he wrote that didn’t include Aslan and company. Here’s what I like:
The Space Trilogy (especially Perelandra. It’s like Adam and Eve got a second chance!)
Mere Christianity
The Screwtape Letters
The Four Loves (was he channelling St. Paul himself when he wrote this?)

*'Till We Have Faces *is a wonderful book. The Space Trilogy sounds interesting! I may have to see if my library has it.

Screwtape Letters is one of my favorites of all times!

The Problem of Pain is one of my favorites.


In addition to those above (Mere Christianity, Problem of Pain, Screwtape Letters), I would also include The Great Divorce. A Grief Observed is also pretty good. It follows his journey of grief after losing his wife from darkness to hope.

Thank you all for your comments and suggestions! I have a copy of
The Screwtape Letters that I asked my son for last Christmas and haven’t been able to find time to read it. I haven’t had time to post for quite awhile either – but have a few days here that I could finally start it! I’ve always have heard great things about it, but you all have inspired me to dive into it!

I agree, the Space Trilogy does sound very interesting also! They all do! Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Screwtape Letters is easily my favorite…though I also like “reflections on the psalms”

Mine’s a bit of an odd one: The Discarded Image, one of his last works and an overview of the universe as seen by medieval people. Full of fascinating and enchanting details.

His nonfiction is better than his fiction. The Four Loves is probably my favorite.

The Abolition of Man

is important as well; it’s something like C.S. Lewis’ response to all of modern philosophy.

The Discarded Image

Holy cow, I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this before!

Let me interrupt here for a minute…does anyone here know of a source of free CS Lewis ebooks (e.g. pdf downloads, etc.) I’ve been looking for the Space Trilogy for a while, and I now see some other books I’d like to get.


Out of the ones I’ve read, I like That Hideous Strength the best, but of the ones I’ve read only excerpts from, my favorite right now (which I’m looking for used) is The Pilgrim’s Regress.

I couldn’t choose one favorite. Thanks to a very dear husband who is a determined used and old book shopper, I had everything published by C.S. Lewis before the internet made it easier.

The Great Divorce is probably the top of my frequently re-read books. I have several copies. One of them I passed around to my friends during high school asking them to annotate. I think I should do that again with my adult friends. It is a great book.

Till We Have Faces :slight_smile:

Perelandra and The Screwtape Letters. They are awesome in a bottle! :yup:

I know! I thought I had heard of all of Lewis’ books, but that was a new one to me. Sounds very interesting!


Mere Christianity for me, but A Grief Observed is the most moving. Sometimes I like to think I’m a tough guy, but Grief pierces through my heart like a razor-sharp icepick.

The Abolition of Man is a great book, puts his finger on modern dilemmas precisely.

But The Silver Chair, one of the Narnia series, has saved my faith many a time. The part where the Marshwiggle, Puddleglum, says something like – our belief (in God, in heaven, in a better world) may not be true, but even if it’s not, it’s a lot better than the dull reality that the evil witch says is the only world. The point being that even if Christianity were not true, it would be a better dream than anything reality has to offer.

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