Favorite Catholic Podcasts?

In February I had surgery on both of my feet and was not able to walk for the first 6 weeks, and am still using crutches or a cane. Because I’ve literally been stuck on the couch, I’ve spent a lot of time in front of the TV, computer, etc.

One thing that I found very quickly was that the EWTN Catholic TV network is horrible. There are some (only a few) good shows. Most are poorly produced and/or boring!

ON THE OTHER HAND, there is some interesting Catholic media that I did discover. “Podcasts” are a joy to listen to, and now some are available on Video.

There is a new “network” of Catholic Podcasts that has grouped many of the best shows available. sqpn.com/

Shows like THE ROSARY ARMY, and THE DAILY BREAKFAST are fun to listen to, relevant and great entertainment. For more spiritual shows, THE SAINT CAST, the TECHNOPRIEST and a couple others are great shows.

For younger folks, the HANDS & FEET podcast is excellent. The CATHOLIC ROCKERS has some excellent Catholic oriented music with a modern twist. There are many others to look at too. There are also special broadcasts that review each of the Harry Potter books, a Catholic view of the Pirates of the Caribbean, and other popular contemporary movies & books.

Not part of the SQPN network, there are some other excellent Catholic podcasts. I really like the CATHOLIC UNDERGROUND, which is produced by the Paulist Fathers and is geared toward the under 30 crowd and billed as “faith gone digital.”

There are others that are worth listening too also, do any of you find the EWTN TV network lacking?

Have you found any other media that is spiritually good and entertaining too?

thanks for the compliment on the podcast. We have had alot of fun working on it and are always looking for some affirmation.

But, we are not run by the Paulist fathers. We are comprised of Fr. Chris Decker, Fr. Ryan Humphries, me (Daniel Kedinger), and Josh LeBlanc.

Thanks so much for listening and keep the reviews, feedback, and backchat coming.

Daniel Kedinger

I think the Paulist one is the BustedHalo cast at www.bustedhalo.com


Well I was obviously confusing the podcasts listen to, but both the Catholic Underground and the Busted Halo are excellent. I think I listen to about a dozen different Catholic podcasts so I guess I was bound to get confused when I wrote up the information.

And yes, Busten Halo is is the Paulists, Catholic Unerground comes out of Louisiana and mixes in a healthy dose of Mac vs Windows rivalry, showing the proper dominance the Mac should have in terms of respect in the computer world. Catholic Underground has cool logos on their T-shirts too. :thumbsup:

What is sort of sad, is in a Catholic forum, especially one as large as this one, there were only 2 responses to a thread like this. I guess it shows that Podcasts have a HUGE potential audience, the problem is getting the word out to people with computers that these podcasts exist. Then getting people to try them.

There are plenty of threads on here about Catholic podcasts - I myself love Rosary Army and Catholic Rockers (as well as a few other music podcasts) and the Daily Breakfast is good too, as are the podcasts at St Michael’s Media.

EWTN - well, the content of most of their shows is solid, sometimes the production is lacking a bit, but they repeat so many of them ad nauseam that it gets annoying.

Well I guess I see EWTN as a channel that is hard to even watch because I don’t think their shows are very solid, and when combined with the poor production quality, it makes it a channel that I typically skip past. I’ve tried to watch it. Just can’t seem to do it.

Greg & Jennifer at the Rosary Army are awesome! Have you seen their new video podcast THAT CATHOLIC SHOW!?! They did a great job with that one, its a well produced, informative, fun, but short 5 minute video show. Well worth watching!

I do listen to George at Catholic Rockers, but find that sometimes he is a bit ‘over the top’ for my tastes. The music is good, and the occasional interviews are usually pretty good. I’d prefer less talk and more music on that show, but then again, that is what I think a music show should do. JMO Still, I never miss an episode and often replay Catholic Rockers episodes.

Catholic in a Small Town is also good. If you like Rosary Army, you might like that one too.

I recently started listening to iPadre and Into The Deep podcasts. For a good homily, Technopriest always delivers.

Podcast enthusiast here! I had my own podcast but due to technical problems it has been down for about two months. I enjoy listening to pretty muc all the SQPN shows. Rosary Army, Daily Breakfast, and Catholic Rockers are great shows for just kind of fun with faith mixed in. Catholic:Under the Hood and The SaintCast are great for deepening your faith.

If you haven’t seen That Catholic Show done by Greg and Jennifer yet you need to check it out. It has great production quality and informative. Not really any deep theology so it is easy to watch and still informative. I wonder when we will be seeing Catholic shows like this on TV.

As for EWTN, I do love it. But you do have to admit some of the things are not very appealing to the eyes. I enjoy of course the Mass, Journey Home, EWTN Live, and Life on the Rock and I will see some good shows every once in a while but lots of the shows just need better quality to them. Plus the kids programming on has horrible animation! I think if anything they need better kids programming. I saw one cartoon on St. Patrick that was informative, well done, and enjoyable for kids. Don’t get me wrong, EWTN is a blessing and informative and I would be upset without it but they really need to repackage some of their stuff.

Wow, if you ever get back to Podcasting, I think there is a great opportunity for someone to do a whole series on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. But do it in a fun way. Sort of like the “Dummies Guide to Catholics” or “Why do Catholics Do That?”

There are a lot of Catholics who do not know their own faith. There are many non-Catholics who are confused about what Catholics ACTUALLY believe.

So it seems like a Rosary Army style (fun, upbeat, humor, with a message) of podcast aimed at the Catechism and covering topics from it would be a GREAT SERVICE to all of us.

Our priest actually was asked, after Easter mass, by one of my fellow parishoners “If Catholics actually believe that the bread and wine are the body and blood of Christ?” :eek:

The beauty of using the Catechism for the show is that you could pick 1 topic each week and post new shows for YEARS TO COME without ever repeating a topic! So the topics are already picked out. The other thing that would be good would be to make it seasonally relevant. There are many seasons within the Catholic church, so topics during Lent could focus on parts of the Catechism that deal with Lent, Resurrection, etc. Follow that up with Ascention, etc.

If you can do it, I will be the first to subscribe!!! :thumbsup:

I know ewtn has some. Are there any others that you can recommend? Thanks!

Catholic Answers Live (of course)
American Catholic Radio
The K Street Catholic

I also listen to a personal finance show that incorporates a (non-Catholic) Christian perspective, the Dave Ramsey Show.

I like well-produced shows, not just someone mumbling monotously about nothing into a mike in their living room.

Check out SQPN.com. Lots of great stuff there.

Thanks for the suggestions! Here’s a link I just found when looking for archived Dr. Ray radio shows - it includes many other popular Catholic radio programs, as well as over 300 Dr. Ray shows!


Fr. Bob Barron’s weekly homilies are awesome: www.wordonfire.org

There is also a CAF thread on Electronic Catholic Resources with a lot of good recommendations.

One of the CAF members was kind enough to consolidate many of the recommendations from the above thread and start up a blog for the purpose of compiling links to the best Catholic MP3s on the web. That site is Sonitus Sanctus (catholicaudio.blogspot.com).

Hope this helps!

St Michael’s Media :thumbsup: (had to get in a plug for our fellow CAF-er lizaanne here :slight_smile: )

I ran across that earlier today! That’s a good site.
I think I’ve got quite a good bead on a lot of podcasts! :thumbsup:

Try some of Fr. Jay Finelli’s podcasts- they’re awesome! :thumbsup:

My wife has a lovely Catholic podcast. Would it be spam to put a link to that in my signature?

Also, any other podcast y’all recommend for us?

PS- if this is the wrong part of the forum, would a moderator please put it where it belongs?

Thanks, and peace be with you!

Here are some great podcasts for you!



Enjoy!! :smiley:


Lots of good Catholic podcasts at:


I like the daily breakfast and the rosary army.


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