Favorite Catholic retreats?

This summer I’ve been on two different youth retreats for Catholics: Kairos and Teens Encounter Christ. Both have helped me grow immensely in faith; matter of fact, Kairos made me a brand new man.

Has anyone else here been on these retreats? Have you been on another retreat that was also awesome?

Youth 2000 is an incredible retreat centered on Eucharistic Adoration!

The Diocese of Green Bay’s Holy Name Retreat House on Chambers Island in Door County WI - a place to really experience “Be Still and Know that I am God.(Ps 46:10).” I know this because I live there from April - September. Visit!






I went on a Kairos retreat when I was in college and loved it! I liked the structure, and, as I’ve been involved in other Kairos retreats at various schools, I continue to like how the basic structure stays the same, but is flexible for the differing needs of different communities. Kairos really helped me realize that I had to put effort into my relationship with our Lord!

Further on in my college career I had the amazing opportunity to participate in a 19th annotation retreat of St. Ignatius’ spiritual exercises. St. Ignatius created the Exercises when some of the men who were joining the Jesuits at the time needed spiritual guidance as they prepared for ordination. It consists of a 4 week silent retreat, with the periods of silence only broken to speak to your spiritual director, and consists of daily Mass, regular confession and guided meditations on scripture. St. Ignatius, knowing that taking 30 days in a row to go on retreat isn’t a possibility for many people, especially lay people, added in the annotations of the retreat “guide book”(for the lack of a better term) that a spiritual director could modify the retreat into daily meditations (about 1 to 1 1/2 hours long each) for those people who could not go on a 30 day retreat. Our retreat was structured to last for an academic year.

If anyone ever has a chance to do an Ignatian retreat with a trained retreat director (I did mine with a deacon who was trained years ago) I would highly recommend it. It’s a big commitment, but the graces and personal relationship with God that is nurtured through the retreat, including the very regular meetings with the retreat director and a spiritual adviser, are too numerous to count.

Congrats on your Kairos retreat! Live the Fouth!

I’ve been on a kairos retreat, lead a kairos retreat, tec retreat and my college’s awakening retreat. Kairos was just about the greatest retreat ever and it is the reason I still believe in God. It changed my life both times. LT4!!!

I went on a TEC. I can’t say enough about that retreat, it changed my life forever, for the better. I would not be the Catholic, the wife, the mother, the friend I am today if I hadn’t gone on that weekend.

TEC is amazing, no doubt about it. But Kairos is a lot deeper and more emotional; like TEC on steroids.

The best retreat is the one that brings each of us to the AHA! moment or experience of God’s mercy and love and joy. Over a lifetime, faith can only endure with God’s grace and our commitment to Him. Retreats are a gift we can give to ourselves as a time for reflection and renewal. In my most recent past, I made a CRHP retreat (Christ Renews His Parish) at the ripe old age of 60 and experienced such a profound renewal and rededication that has only served to further my understanding of my own mission and calling to evangelize others in my daily life and work.

TEC is amazing…I went during my junior year of high school. I thought it was so great, and I would love to help out again on another one, if God calls me to it.

One of the greatest retreats I’ve ever been on though is called JC Camp (JC standing for Jesus Christ). It is a retreat that we have in northeast Nebraska that is designed for incoming high school freshmen. It lasts from the first Wednesday in August to the following Sunday. I went as a freshman, and have helped out as a junior counselor three years since as well. I cannot emphasize the importance of this retreat to me…it has touched my heart so much. And it only gets better and better each time. The campers really get a lot of it, and so do the counselors. Even the beginning of this August, I helped out, along with a younger brother (also a junior counselor) and another younger brother (a camper) and also my dad (an adult counselor). This year helped me move on past some events that I had never really let out my feelings (death of a grandfather…my dad’s father) because I have problems exposing my feelings.

And since my birthday is at the beginning of August, many times I get to spend my birthday at the retreat center helping at JC Camp. This year I got the amazing gift of Confession the night of my birthday…it was like even God was giving me a birthday gift (as if having another birthday and life itself wasn’t enough). :smiley:

And I just said a whole lot…sorry, I tend to ramble a lot. :o But yeah…it’s had great impact on me and it means so much to me.

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