Favorite Christian bands

I really like Christian rock, so I was wondering which ones are the most popular on this site.
Here are some of the groups I like:
Casting Crowns
DC Talk (all members, including solo stuff)
Relient K
Matt Maher
Matthew West
Amy Grant

I haven't listened to Christian rock radio in awhile so not real familiar with the newer groups. I still play Third Day CD's over and over, though. Does that count?

I’m lost in the 80s.

As far as I’m concerned, once 2nd Chapter of Acts disbanded, it was the end of good contemporary Christian music.

I can so relate. I'm still listening to Michael Card, old Michael W. Smith stuff, Rich Mullens, old WOW praise and worship CD's and a REALLY old praise and worship tape, (20 years old maybe?) by John Michael Talbot, Terry and Wendy Talbot (his brother and sister in law) and John Michael's early community members.

John Waller is good...I have his cd in my car and listen to it everyday....(band is :thumbsup:)

casting crowns...I am going to buy theirs next

Steven Curtis Chapman
Barlow Girl
Building 429

My favorites are Thousand Foot Krutch, Family Force 5, Kids In the Way, Skillet, and Pillar. AFI is amazing but they’re not a Christian.

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