Favorite Christian Rock Music

What is your opinion of Christian Rock/Punk/Heavy Metal?

Not so much your taste, whether you like the style of music or not, but do you think this is an appropriate way to praise God? Should Catholics be more wary of this music since, more often than not, popular worship music contains Protestant theological concepts?

I don’t usually listen to Christian songs, but I have a CD of Relient K, which is basically a pop-punk Christian band. I don’t know much about the difference between Catholic and Protestant theologies, but the lyrics of Relient K are not bad. I don’t always agree with them, but I don’t see whey they should be deemed an inappropriate way to worship God.

Every living act should be used to praise God. In reality, we should offer everything up as a prayer to God. Such music (I personally like Relient K) is certainly not offensive to God unless it contains ideas in opposition to the Catholic faith. I skip such songs. However, I don’t think that these songs would be appropriate at Mass. If you’re listening to them for pleasure, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

That being said, Gregorian Chant is still # 1 on my music list. :smiley:

I don’t see anything wrong with it being played on the Christian station and for outside church activities but I’d be a little concerned if our pastor started playing it during our Sunday services! :eek:

I like Christian rock. I listen to Tait, Worship Circus, Point of Grace(my favorite) and Rebecca St. James. I think Mercy Me is good but I dont own any of their CD’s.

I agree it should not be played in church but as pleasure I think it is fine.

As far as it being protestant base well that would be a personal preference.

My churches youth group goes to Autumn Blaze and Revelation Generation which are concerts with all types of Christian bands. It is actually good clean, Godly fun for our youth. I think Im actually chaperoning one of them in May in Baltimore.:eek: Dont know if I can handle concerts anymore(Christian or not)

I like Christian rock and contemporary Christian music. We have a great station WFHM the Fish 95.5 FM. It is positive and uplifting and as their slogan goes "safe for the whole family. By the way, many of these artists perform at the annual Catholic family festival put on by the vocations program in my diocese. Stephen Curtis Chapman, Sanctus Real, and others have played there. I don’t notice any “Protestant” messages, just good Christian messages.

AH I forgot about Stephen Curtis Chapman:thumbsup:

It seems that many of the artists people are familiar with in terms of Christian Rock are some of the mild-mannered artists. But what about artists such as

Demon Hunter



In fact, I was reading an article online by a conservative Christian minister the other day about the Christian rock-rap group P.O.D. and how their music mocks Jesus (unintentionally, of course) by being loud and secular instead of harmonic, etc. Does he have a point, or is the style of music not important as long as the message is clear?


Funny you should mention Skillet. I met the lead guitarist a year ago. He was the best man at my neices wedding.:thumbsup: He seemed like a Godly man. He is married and I think he has children. I think it is just the style of music the person likes.

Im not sure how God feels about head banging music. He may only care about the fact that these people are separating themselves from the secular world to sing about Jesus.

I think as long as the message is crystal clear then the genre of music should not matter. I personally dont like that kind of music but if my son likes it and he is listening to songs about Jesus instead of Godsmack or Metallica then Im ok with it.:thumbsup:

I recommend mewithoutYou if anyone likes Christian rock.


Spoken word and yelling. No growls or anything metal. Fantastic lyrics, and a genuine and sincere sound. They put on a very fun live show. No head-hanging, just lots of dancing and flowers.

Official Websites:


Brother, Sister

Catch For Us The Foxes

A to B: Life

Yes, I’m a big fan. haha

I personally enjoy Christian Rock. It makes me feel better knowing that I’m listening to music that does have a positive message to it instead of the radio material which I have lately found to be more questionable than I originally thought.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I also like Third Day, Jars of Clay and Jennifer Knapp (whatever happened to her?). In fact I found out about Jennifer Knapp because a woman I used to work with saw her at a concert at Canisius College (which I probably spelled incorrectly). It is a Catholic college, and the woman I know is a very faithful Catholic. She actually quit working where I was at the time because she took a job working for Alan Keyes, a conservative pro-life politician who is a Catholic. My former co-worker was right about Jennifer Knapp being an excellent artist. I wish she would record some new material.

You know, Creed I think is classified as a Christian rock band, but don’t quote me on that. Their songs don’t sing about Jesus but they talk alot about spiritualness and about God (but never mention His Name, of course). Try them out, if you’re looking for another good band. I saw them in concert a few years ago with my husband and they were AWESOME!!! :thumbsup:
Michael W. Smith is good, although he’s not really a rocker. :smiley:


I know what you mean about Creed and I like some of Michael W. Smith songs.:thumbsup:

Yeah, there are a lot of bands which aren’t classified as “Christian” but who seem Christians nonetheless. I have wondered if Coldplay - or, at least, lyricist Chris Martin - isn’t a residual Christian lyricist since he does write about some spiritual topics, including the fact they have a wonderful song called “Moses.”

What worries me, personally, are the bands who might claim to be Christian in order to appeal to a certain niche market, but whose lyrics aren’t Christian. I know there is still a lot of debate concerning the hard-rock band Chevelle, who signed to a Christian label but has also toured on Ozzfest and whose albums also contain some profanity. This shouldn’t be a worry for those of us who are old enough to determine what constitutes sound Christian lyrics and what doesn’t, but what about the younger audience?

As far as Creed, I’m not sure if they are Christian or not, but they do have some very spiritual lyrics. However, I know there’s a lot of scandal surrounding the actual band. You can read about some of these on wikipedia. They definitely seemed to have the message, but it appears they needed to work on witness. Don’t we all, though? :wink:

They’re ancient, but I’ve always like Petra as a Christian rock band.

Other rock bands may not be Christian rock per se, but have some songs that show Christian influences. Examples would include Creed, U2 and the Byrds among others. I don’t think that even they would describe their music as Christian rock though.

Jennifer Knapp is awesome! IMO “Kansas” is her best album. I went through a phase where I had that on “repeat” in my CD player.

I also like Rich Mullins. Too bad he is no longer with us to record new music. :frowning:

Jennifer Knapp is awesome! IMO “Kansas” is her best album. I went through a phase where I had that on “repeat” in my CD player.

I also like Rich Mullins. Too bad he is no longer with us to record new music. :frowning:

I personally like some of the songs and lyrics by P.O.D. I also like Tobey Mack. Both artists/groups can be loud, but if the lyrics are respectful (which they are) then the instruments used shouldn’t be as much of a concern. There are many “pretty sounding” secular songs that have nothing but trashy lyrics to go along. I know that I enjoy Christian music and some days I’m in the mood for easy listening, some for alternative, some for country, some for rap, some for dance, some for pop, some for r&b, some for the “typical” Christian music, some for praise music. I have a collection of a variety of Christian artists to go with my listening mood. What about Father Stan Fortuna? He’s a priest and he’s a rapper! Some of his music/rap is good.

I do like P.O.D. and Toby Mac. Another artist I really like is Darlene Zschech, although I don’t have any of her albums yet.

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