Favorite Christmas movies and specials

Let’s share our favorite Christmas-themed movies and/or specials.
Mine are:
It’s A Wonderful Life
A Christmas Carol (1930’s and the one with Patrick Stewart)
Charlie Brown Christmas
Home Alone
How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the cartoon, not the stupid live-action one)

Mine are ... in no particular order...
It's a Wonderful Life
White Christmas
Charlie Brown Christmas
Home Alone
National Lampoon Griswold Family Christmas
Jack Benny's Christmas Special
Honeymooner's Christmas Special

A Christmas Story. "You'll shoot your eye out, kid." :eek:

In no particular order......

Miracle on 34th Street (the original)
White Christmas
Bells of St Mary's (is that a Christmas movie?):confused:
All the classic Christmas cartoons
Most of the Hallmark Christmas movies
Hallmark Cards advertisements they show during their movies (sometimes they are better than the movies):D

A Christmas Story.
a Charley brown Christmas
little drummer boy :thumbsup:

Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer
Little Drummer Boy
Charlie Brown Christmas.

I have all on VHS...so when I need a Xmas fix...I pop one in and it reminds me of when I was a kid.

The Family Man
The Family Stone - already a classic
"The Gathering" (TV movie w/ Ed Asner, Maureen Stapleton)
Home Alone
Joyeux Noel
Three Godfathers

And, I’ve got to mention:
Smoke (a.k.a. “Auggie’s Christmas Tale”) :thumbsup:

I like pretty much all the movies mentioned and would (sheepishly) add

Elf - the only Will Ferrel movie my kids will ever see!

I watched home alone as a kid and I truly love it. I just watched it on video 2 weeks ago.
Love the soundtrack, Bette Midler - Somewhere in my Memory.

I watched The Grinch (Jim Carrey), but don't like it.

Haven't seen the rest of the movies mentioned above :o
Will try to get the DVDs (it's hard to get old movies here in Indonesia).

Another good one… Forgot that one…

I forgot about “Dr Suess How the Grinch Stole Christmas”…when I was in the fourth grade Dr. Suess had just came out with the story…we did it for our school Xmas program…I was at one time able to recite the whole book…that was a long time ago…I didn’ like Jim Carey’s version at all…the original cartoon is the best.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

I watch it over and over and over, and still laugh and cry.

I also like a great but fairly unknown movie called Ernest Saves Christmas. It's just delightful--extremely well-acted and very touching. If you want a great movie for children, get this one. "Air brakes-heh heh heh!" :D

One more movie is a gem, and I wish that it would be broadcast again. Thank God we taped it way back in 1987. It's called The Three Kings, and it was a made-for-tv movie. Three inmates of a mental health facility (asylum) escape, and because they believe that they are the Three Kings of the Bible, they embark upon a journey around California searching for the Christ Child. The police go after them, but somehow manage to miss them every time. All kinds of "coincidences happen; e.g., the three kings manage to acquire a camel from a used car salesman who is using it for a promotional.

Throughout the movie, the story is covered by a lady played by Jane Kazmarek (the mom on Malcom in the Middle). She manages to get the entire city rooting for the Three Kings--everyone wants them to find a miracle! Anyone who spots them somehow is blessed by seeing them. No one wants them to get caught and shipped back to the asylum.

The ending is sooooooo beautiful--I don't want to spoil it, but let's just say that a miracle does occur and you will cry buckets. It's a beautiful movie that honors Jesus throughout--a miracle that the movie ever got made! Lou Diamond Phillips is in it as the youngest king (Kaspar), and he is very good looking and does a great job with the role. So is Jack Warden (Willa Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)--he plays Melchoir. And the black guy that plays Beltshazzar is great--can't remember his name. If you can find this movie, watch it!

We also love Ernest Saves Christmas. :thumbsup:

I’d have to say pretty much any of the older Christmas cartoons.
Miracle on 34th Street
A Christmas Carol, the older one plus the Muppet version.
and who can forget the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation:D

“The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Has anybody seen it in 3D? It’s worth checking out, and it seems that some theaters do a short 3D run of it every year, though sadly it’s around Halloween, not Christmas.

Did this year’s theatrical re-release come and go already? This is a bold statement, but I will say that in just a few years since it first came out, the Nightmare Before Christmas has more than held its own against more inferior “family” fare. I’m glad the MOMA in New York gave Tim Burton a retrospective a few months ago: he deserves it, and I’m looking forward to his take on Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Through The Looking Glass.’

I have always loved those Christmas specials with certain celebrity families, all gathered around a studio sound stage fake-living room, with a fire going on and a huge Christmas tree prominently displayed, overly decorated. You know, the ones like “Pat Boone’s Family Smile-Time Christmas Hour” or “Bing Crosby’s Overlymedicated Family Christmas Show” or my all-time favourite, “Kathie Lee’s Absolutely Perfect And Don’t You Forget It Frank Christmas Family Sing-Along Hour”.

Everyone would be all happy and high on hot chocolate (it was, wasn’t it?) while wearing over-sized Christmas sweaters. Bing, Pat, or Kathie Lee would lead a family sing-along while everyone joined in, though never loud enough to drown out the lead.

Then there would be some celebrity guest star who would come in and swipe fake-snow off of his/her coat and join in on the fun. Whether it was Jimmy Durante or Brooke Shields or some Miss America 19-something something, you knew they were laughing and singing along, knowing that a desperately needed paycheck was just around the corner.

And finally, it would get all quiet while Pat/Bing/Bob Hope/Kathie Lee would suddenly pull out all of the stops and sing something that brought the house down, whether Bing did his famous “White Christmas” or Kathie Lee did “O Holy Night” or Pat did his version of Litt’e Richard’s “Rocking Around The Christmas Tree.” Then all would join in with happy faces for the finale, knowing that a smackdown would be coming after the show if they didn’t give it their all.

Sigh! Now why don’t they do Christmas specials like that anymore?

White Christmas :heart: Bing Crosby
California Raisins Claymation Christmas
Love Actually

I feel like I have somehow forgotten my favorite one, but have no way to remember what it is.

I just watched Love Actually again this past week. I really enjoy it. I hadn't really thought of it as a Christmas movie, but really, it is.

Muppet's Christmas Carol

Muppet Family Christmas

White Christmas

It's a Wonderful Life

i love the Muppet’s Christmas Carol!

i also really like “The Nativity Story”, very well done, and beautiful.

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