Favorite Christmas Songs (A thread for all Christians)

Hi Everyone,

I’ve tried very hard to resist it, but I have already started to listen to Christmas Music. In honor of advent and Christ’s coming, name your favorite Christmas song. Link it if you wish. My favorite is “Of the Fathers Heart Begotten,” not a normal choice, but I fell in love with it a while back and it has easily become my favorite Christmas hymn. Song below:


I might create an awesome playlist after this thread.

Oh, Holy Night.


“What Child Is This?”

“A Great and Mighty Wonder” ranks in my top 10. As soon as I read your post, that hymn started looping in my head.

A Great and Mighty Wonder

Also a very good one. Very underated.

I second this.

Little Drummer Boy

O Holy Night
Has to be by David Phelps!:thumbsup:

I love, love, love that song. So beautiful! I’m going to have to search for it on YouTube now!

Angels We Have Heard on High
Adeste Fideles (O, Come All Ye Faithful)

Both by Andrea Bocelli…absolutely beautiful! :slight_smile:

May God, the Blessed Trinity, bless you all forever! :slight_smile:

There are so many good ones it’s hard to choose!

As a traditional hymn I would say that my favorite is " Silent Night." In our midnight services this is the one that we sing at the end with the lights turned low and our individual candles lit and raised. My church has a very prominent German background so it’s also sung in German.

My other favorite is “Mary, Did You Know?”
Oh! I also love the children’s choir singing “Happy Birthday, Jesus.”

I guess I’m going to have to get my guitar out now!

It Came Upon the Midnight Clear
O, Little Town of Bethlehem

Happy Birthday Jesus by Alabama is the first one we always play when setting up the tree. By far my favorite - youtube.com/watch?v=YAvc-t2pqRQ
Silent Night
Mary Did You Know

Isn’t it "Of the Father’s LOVE Begotten?

Anyway, my favorite is “I Wonder As I Wander” by John Jacob Niles. He heard a small child singing it in Appalachia and wrote it down, and it became famous all over the world. The version sung by Diahann Carroll and also by Barbra Streisand are both lovely.

Adeste Fideles
O, Holy Night (esp. by Nat King Cole)
Ave Maria - Gounod version
Emmanuel by Amy Grant
Better Days by Goo Goo Dolls
Christmas In The Room by Sufjan Stevens

Jingle Bell Rock. Can’t remember who sung this particular version I’m thinking of. The only thing I can remember is that it was from maybe the 90s and from a cassette tape, and that a woman sung it.

Yes, you’re right!

I was just thinking about this one as well. Our 2nd Graders sing this for the Christmas program. They loved it!

O Holy Night.

Mine is “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence” youtube.com/watch?v=JfLWK4aphcg

It’s a very ancient Christian hymn

Some people don’t consider it a Christmas song, but it was always played during Advent in the Church I grew up in. I recall hearing it during candle light time before Midnight Mass.

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