Favorite Commercials

So this started from a thread on the Family Life forum, but the thread was (apparently) intended to be more serious in nature, so I thought this one might be fun to discuss:

What are some of your favorite commercials?

Common ones on the other thread included Mayhem Guy (Allstate) and E-Trade babies. :smiley:

ETA: My favorite E-Trade commercial. DH is a golfer and a big fan of this one, too.

The white dog with his bone - (some insurance company / Red Umbrella).

Aw that one is cute!

I am also putting up a link to a current fave in Pittsburgh. Troy Polamalu is probably my favorite football player, but Brett Keisel (and his beard) are up there, too. :smiley:

Fun thread!

I know this is a movie trailer, and a parody of an Old Spice ad, but I think it is funny.


Here’s five of the really funny ones from Ameriquest. The airplane one has happened to me before. :stuck_out_tongue:


And Grover has one as well… :smiley:


That is amazing. :smiley:

This is my favorite - I love the message:


This is another good Bridgestone ad:


And another favorite. I’m not sure why I always find this so funny:


The Volkswagon/Darth Vader Super Bowl commercial. NOT the one actually shown during the game, but the full length one which went viral, here.

I cannot stop admiring the little exaggerated sighs the actor makes to show the Dark Lord’s frustrations.

I really enjoy the mayhem allstate commercials. That said, I find most commercials to be beyond annoying. Are stores TRYING to drive customers away? The Target black friday commercial with the crazy blonde lady makes me want to bash my head into a brick wall X(

Late night with Jimmy faloon is mine favorite one

Well, I like all Commercials. But favorite is comedy Commercials.

I just saw this one.



One of my favourites is that one years ago where they built a car out of cake. It was so awesome!

And I don’t know if you have them in the US but the ‘comparethemarket.com’ ads are fantastic. Who doesn’t love anthropomorphic meerkats?

The trunk monkey series… here’s a link to three. You can google for more. (I particularly like the chaperone edition, but I have two girls).


These are all cracking me UP. We got rid of tv after we got married and have just had netflix so it’s fun to watch these :stuck_out_tongue:

The darth vader one I ended up forwarding to all my coworkers, I am in peels of laughter over it :smiley:

I’ll add one! Love love love mayhem youtu.be/ndHOmYCMaXQ :stuck_out_tongue:

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