Favorite cooking show and chef

Whats your favorite cooking show and chef…?

I like Emeril’s cooking show and is where I got the receipe for the best potato salad.

Bobby Flay is good at grilling just about anything…

oh yes and Take Home Chef…Curtis Stone…:thumbsup:

Food Network
Iron Chef
The new gal, Anne Burrell
Mario Batali

No longer on TV
Julia Child (available on DVD ;))
Jaques Pepin

Martin Yan
Ming Tsai
Rick Bayless

I like Ming Tsai too, and of course the gorgeous Aussie Curtis Stone (is anyone really paying any attention to what he’s cooking - honestly ladies?) :thumbsup:

My favorite cooking show is watching my dad cook, and he’s my favorite chef.

I know what you mean :wink: :yup:

I did make his fried eggplant with cheese…very good :thumbsup:


Mark Bitman, the minimalist, videos are available on New York Times site, under videos. Many are great: scrambled eggs and shrip, short ribs, squid…

For entertainment, I like to watch the fat guy that goes around the world eating bugs and goats eyeballs, etc.

I like Alton Brown’s Good Eats. I use to like Paula Dean’s Home Cooking but tired of P.D. too much exposure. I refer to foodtv.com for recipes frequently. What is in Emeril’s potato salad that makes it so good?

Favorite show: Good Eats with Alton Brown

Don’t like Emeril, Paula Dean or the one who does Semi-homemade! I just don’t like their personalities.

Rachel Rae is okay in moderation.

Now I don’t have Satellite or Cable any more so I don’t watch much as far as cooking shows go but would love to get Alton Brown’s “Good Eats” on DVD.

Brenda V.

Good Eats w/ Alton Brown. I’m fascinated when he gets into the science end of explaining something…

I also like Ina Garten. I want her life…a big house in the Hamptons, that huge kitchen overlooking the garden, and just cooking for friends all day until Friday, when her dh comes home, then she cooks for him.
(thou shalt not covet, thou shalt not covet, shou shalt not covet, thou shalt not covet…:gopray2:

I like her too, but in moderation.

She appears to be heavily sedated, IMO.:wink:

I love watching Curtis Stone. He seems to actually enjoy food and teaching about it. I find it interesting that Alton Brown is a fave. I cannot watch him for more than a couple minutes because of his personality/style. I find him very annoying. I guess that is why there are so many choices on TV.

My new faves are the Neelys on Food Network. They took over the Road Tasted show from the Dean brothers and they do a cooking show on Saturday mornings also. They are such a cute couple who obviously love working together.

:rotfl: I could use some heavy sedation sometimes myself.

I forgot to mention hopping into my BMW convertible to run to the local over-priced wine shop, then to the local over-priced bread shop, then to the local over-priced florist, then to the local over-priced market for cheese and salami.

sigh what a life! Like being on vacation every day (at least to me). Everything is relative, I know I know…:rolleyes:

I like Paula Deen…southern cooking is good :wink: :slight_smile:

Ina is good and I made her recipe for macaroons very good…shes kosher isn’t she…well I mean her cooking

I think her husband might be Jewish but not certain - I’ve seen her cook with pork though. Does that count?

I understand about AB. You either love him or hate him. He certainly can get annoying but nothing he does can come close to

the Neelys. Sorry, but their near-soft porn banter and lovey dovey on-camera demonstrations have no place on a food network, IMO.

I have an axe to grind with FN and could rant for pages BUT I will refrain. Suffice to say, there are many objectionable characters on that channel who are clearly selling more than their knowledge of food.

One final thought: Cleavage (unless it’s part of a chicken) has no place on a food network!

Can’t comment on Paula or I might get suspended here on CAF…:wink:

Ina occasionally cooks kosher, for her husband, who is Jewish.

I don’t care for any of the FN’s new shows or hosts. I like Flay, Emeril, and Paula Deen—but for real cooking I like Lydia!

I don’t think she’s a kosher cook…she recently had a puppy party and the main course was something with meat (I think sausages) and the desert was a cake, with cream in the frosting…so I don’t think that is kosher.

I like Lydia too…I also enjoy watching with my mom, who inevitably says, “Oh, that’s just the way I make it, I knew I should have opened a restaurant years ago.”

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