Favorite Disney Characters

Who are your favorite Disney characters? Mine are, in no particular order:
Goofy (how can you not like him?)
Mickey Mouse (come on, he’s the face of the company!)
Ariel (the first Disney Princess who wasn’t a doormat)
Jasmine (the prettiest and most courageous of the Disney princesses)
Uncle Scrooge McDuck (a rich dude who’s also honest?)
Stitch (so mischevious, and yet so cute)

I’ve always loved:
Winnie the Pooh,Tigger and co.
Mickey Mouse
Cinderella, Snow White and all the Disney Princesses
But I love to hate the Disney Villains:
The Queen in Snow White

I like Eeyore.

I like:

Donald Duck
Gus and Jacques from Cinderella
The Beast from Beauty and the Beast
The Heffalump, Piglet and Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh
Mater and DocHudson from Cars
The T-Rex from Toy Story

Smee from Peter Pan
the traveling shiek salesman from the beginning of aladin (who I, in my toddler years, called “The funny man” (voice by Robin Williams)
Mickey Mouse
Donald Duck
the mice from cinderella
The clock and candle from beauty and the beast

hands down: donald duck.

I loved Mickey, Donald and Goofy in “Mickey and the Beanstalk”. I think that movie showed the three at their very best.

I loved Flora, Fauna and Merryweather in “Sleeping Beauty” (reminded me of very loving, funny aunts!) and Maleficent was the consummate Disney villain (she actually admitted the truth: “Now you’ll deal with me, O Prince, and all the powers of hell!”) So Prince Phillip was also my favorite Disney prince (Snow White’s and Cinderella’s princes didn’t even have NAMES, let alone fight a dragon!)

I also liked Baloo in “The Jungle Book”: “Hey! Da zap bon roni, hap da bee ba la da dat dat drone…!” And Thomas O’Malley Cat from “The Aristocats”. And Little John from “Robin Hood”… oh, wait a minute… maybe I was just huge fan of the incredibly talented Phil Harris!

There’s too many others to mention!

Actually, I think that honor goes to Maid Marian in “Robin Hood”… after all, Ariel wasn’t helping fight the bad guys while planning her wedding and family with the hero (Robin: For our honeymoon, Spain, Normandy… Marian: Why not? Robin: And we’ll have six children… Marian: Six? Oh, at least ten!)

I always loved “Robin Hood”!

Jasmine the prettiest? I beg to differ! Ariel is!

Given your handle, surely you’ve heard of the Disney character “The Lobster Mobster” (or was it the other way around)? He was a side character on the Little Mermaid Saturday morning cartoon.

Lilo (a perfect example of simplicity and life in a different family situation, not to mention, I love that she’s an Elvis fan and thinks people are beautiful in their imperfections)
Belle, kind, intelligent, self-sacrificing, also willing to see others for their inner beauty
Giselle from “Enchanted” because her conversion to understanding courtship but yet her maintaining innocence
GusGus because he’s just so cute
Mary Poppins because, well, who doesn’t love Mary Poppins
The dad in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang because of his love of his children

I liked Bert better, even though he wasn’t “practically perfect in every way” :smiley: !

At the other end of the spectrum, Jiminy Cricket used to irritate the heck out of me (even though he DID teach me to spell “encyclopedia”!) As my husband (and now my son) says when I get on my soapbox, “Don’t go all Jiminy Cricket on me now!” :shrug:

Donald Duck.

We can all identify with him. So pure, so innocent, and yet so… easily provoked! Don’t we all sometimes wish we could just fly into a rage and yell and scream incoherently!

Eeyore! :smiley:

I have plushies of all of the characters from Winnie the Pooh on my entertainment center. :slight_smile:

The singing black crows from Dumbo.
The fat chicken lady in waiting from Robin Hood.
The twin siamese cats from Lady and the Tramp.
Thumper & Flower from Bambi.
The Cheshire Cat & the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland
Baloo the Bear and King Louie from The Jungle Book.

I like Daisy duck too.

No question! … It’s Captain Jack Sparrow, of course! "But you haveheard of me!"

No question! Captain Jack Sparrow, of course!!

This is so hard. I love all of them!!! I guess if I had to pick, in no particular order:

  • Belle from “Beauty and Beast” - she was bookish, smart, strong, unselfish, loving and beautiful all at the same time.

  • Everyone from Winnie the Pooh

  • Donald Duck (I grew up with a Dad who did and still does the best DD voice impersonation ever. I think it’s genetic because my brother and two other uncles can do it too. hee!hee! All the kids love my Dad and his patients like it too. :smiley: )

  • Aurora from “Sleeping Beauty” - Tchaikovsky and an operatically trained young singer who didn’t sound like a Wagnerian, but just a young woman with a beautiful voice… I was in heaven as a little girl and ran around our woods singing “I Know You” all the time. haha!

  • Thumper, Flower and Bambi, especially the way they talk when Bambi meets Flower and Thumper giggles adorably and says, “That’s not a flower. That’s a skunk!”

  • The Genie in “Alladin”

Tinker Belle would make a great angel.

Baloo and Mowgli, singing Bare Necessities, of course!

Makes me want to tap my toes:)

Yeah, but Maid Marian was still completely helpless without Robin.
And TInkerbell gets too jealous to be an angel in my book.

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