Favorite Disney song

When I was little, one of the things I liked best about Disney cartoons was the music. So I was wondering which songs from Disney cartoons are your favorites. (Note: for the purpose of this thread, songs that were not made for the movie don’t count. So stuff like Fantasia can’t apply here. Neither can any of the Elvis songs that frequently appear in Lilo and Stitch movies)
Here are some of mine:
“Candle on the Water” (Pete’s Dragon–a true little-known gem!)
“Supercalifredgalisticexpialidocous (or however it’s spelled)” (Mary Poppins )(technically, it’s live action/cartoon. STILL COUNTS!)
“Hakuna Matata” (The Lion King)
“When You Wish Upon a Star” (Pinocchio)
“You’ll Be In My Heart” (Tarzan)
“Baby Mine” (Dumbo)
“A Whole New World” (Aladdin)

“Under the Sea” Little Mermaid

“Candle on the Water” (Pete’s Dragon)–I believe it was nominated for an Oscar, but I’m not sure if it won. I agree with you about Pete’s Dragon–this is one of my favorite Disney flicks. I think the actors were very strong–Helen Reddy and Mickey Rooney especially.

“Pink Elephants” (Dumbo)–I would like to see a synchronized skating team do this number someday.

Over the years, I’ve seen so many skaters and teams skate to these Disney pieces, as well as some of the beautiful instrumental music from the Disney films. (The music from Beauty and the Beast when the beast is transformed back into a prince is magnificent music for skating.) They are delightful pieces of music for all ages. Some people claim that they are “overdone” in the skating rinks, but I don’t agree. The pieces are new for every skater or team.

“Circle of Life”-------Lion King

Beauty and the Beast

Funny this should come up … my daughter just got married, and sorta for kicks I made up the “Disney Love Song” CD for the reception. It’s not exhaustive, it was only about a 1/2 hour effort, but it was fun and I ended up with:

A Whole New World (Alladin)
Beauty and the Beast (of the same name)
Belle Notte (Lady and the Tramp)
Can You Feel the Love Tonight (Lion King)
Candle on the Water (Pete’s Dragon – I agree, a too-often forgotten gem!!!)
Kiss the Girl (Little Mermaid)
Love (Robin Hood)

(Some might rightly quibble over Can You Feel the Love, as it only appeared over the closing credits, while the song in the movie had different and blander words.)

Now, as for favorite? Oh, that’s too hard!
I do love Candle on the Water so much, that’s probably my favorite.

BUT, Kiss the Girl is right up there, and … does stop-motion animation count? The Finale from Nightmare Before Christmas (yes, it was a Disney release!) is hauntingly beautiful (pun intended.) youtube.com/watch?v=QY2tJRh5VA8&feature=related

I know you didn’t restrict it to love songs, but that’s all that’s coming to mind. Let’s see…

Hmm, Dumbo has some goodies: Roustabouts, Pink Elephants.

Ah, too many good ones to count. Good luck!

oh I have LOTS of favorites!!!

“The Bells of Notre Dame” - “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”

“Topsy Turvy” - “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”

“Heaven’s Light/Hellfire” -“The Hunchback of Notre Dame” (Their voices are simply amazing in this song…especially the guy who played Frollo…even though the subject matter is a lil…dark.)

“Two Worlds” - “Tarzan”

“You’ll be in my Heart” - “Tarzan”

“Son of Man” - “Tarzan”

“Strangers Like Me” - “Tarzan”

“Circle of Life” - “The Lion King”

“Be Prepared” -“The Lion King” (What can I say, I love Scar!)

(That song they play at the very end of the “Lion King” After Simba takes his rightful place as king…that really joyful song. I love it!!!)

“Part of Your World” - “The Little Mermaid”

“Poor Unfortunate Souls” - “The Little Mermaid”

(Pretty much the entire soundtrack from "Beauty and the Beast)

“When You Wish Upon a Star” - “Pinocchio”

“This is Halloween” -“Nightmare Before Christmas” (Yes it was a Disney movie!)

“What is this?” - “Nightmare Before Christmas”

(The entire score to all three of the “Pirates of the Carribean” movies. Especially “Hoist the Colours” in the third one. Again, those are Disney movies…even though they aren’t cartoons)

I LOVE Disney movies, so I seriously have so many favorites!!!

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.

Still love it.

Reflection (Christina Aguilera version), Mulan
Colors of the Wind, Pocahontas
Part of your world, The little Mermaid

And far too many others to name.

“The Wonderful Thing about Tiggers”

Oh I forgot about “Colors of the Wind”!!! I loved that song!

Here’s my list.

  1. “You’ll Be in My Heart” - Tarzan

  2. “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” - Toy Story

  3. “This is Halloween” - Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

  4. Grim Grinning Ghosts - The Haunted Mansion (I know that it’s not really a movie but it’s still a Disney song… right? :o )

  5. “Heaven’s Light/Hellfire” - The Hunchback of Notre Dame (I actually prefer the latter part (:< )

  6. “The Bells of Notre Dame” - The Hunchback of Notre Dame

  7. “Hoist the Colours” - Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (What? Why’s everybody staring at me? suddenly notices the rum bottle in his hand Oh…hides it behind his back :smiley: )

  8. “Mamela” - Lion King II

  9. “Hakuna Matata” - Lion King

  10. “Under the Sea” - The Little Mermaid

  11. “Feed the Birds” - Mary Poppins

  12. “Look Through My Eyes” - Brother Bear (This is a bit random but this song is also very good for an AMV ;))

  13. “Friend Like Me” - Aladdin

  14. “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” - Mulan (Did you know that Jackie Chan sang the Chinese versions of this song?)

I’ve got a lot more but these are the best I could think for now. :slight_smile:

my favorite song of all time is When you wish upon a star
the song I most detest of all time is Its a small world

“It’s a small world after all…” :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the scene from Lion King: Zazu is singing a depressing song, and Scar tells him to sing something more cheerful. Zazu sings “It’s a small world after all…” and Scar says, “No! Anything but that!” :smiley:

“Go the Distance” - Hercules :cool:

God Help the Outcasts ~ Hunchback of Notre Dame

You’ll Be in My Heart ~ Tarzan

“Once Upon A Dream” from “Sleeping Beauty” has to be one of the most romantic songs ever!

Other faves:

“When You Wish Upon A Star” (“Pinocchio”)

“You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!” and
"Never Smile At A Crocodile" (both from “Peter Pan”)

“Cinderella, Cinderella” (you know, the song the mice sing when they fix up the dress!)

“Thomas O’Malley Cat” and “Everybody Wants to be a Cat” (“The Aristocats”)

“A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” from Cinderella. :smiley:

I don’t know if it is my favorite but the song that is now stuck in my head from reading this title is the genie song from Aladdin. I think it was called Friend like me.

Now that I think about it, Aladdin probably had the best songs since I think Arabian Nights was a cool one too.

All the Aladdin songs are vividly in my memory since I played that Genesis game so much and I had a pet parakeet who would chirp and almost looked like it was dancing or something to the music from it at times since I played the game all the time.

Oh, and was Anastasia a Disney movie? I don’t even remember this movie but I remember the song Journey to the Past from it.

Anastasia wasn’t a Disney movie. Don Bluth, who was the main animator for it, did used to do animation for Disney, though. He also did An American Tail, All Dogs Go to Heaven, the Secret of NIMH.

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