Favorite Fantasy Series

What are your favorite Fantasy series? Here are some of mine, in no particular order:
Harry Potter
Wheel of Time
Sword of Truth
Circle of Magic
Wrinkle in Time
Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The fantasy series that I have read over and over again for almost 40 years is the series of 32 Dark Shadows novels written by Marion Ross. Team Barnabas or Team Quentin?! For me, it’s always been Team Barnabas! :heart:

I like the Cthulhu Mythos stories.

And I like the Wizard of Oz series.

Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter
A Series of unfortunate Events
Howl’s Moving Castle
Wheel of Time

A Wrinkle in Time
The Lord of the Rings
Chronicles of Narnia

Lord of the Rings and connected works such as The Hobbit, Silmarillion
Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the unbeliever
The Earthsea series
Memory,Sorrow and Thorn
The Sandman
The Tales of Alvin Maker
The Once and Future King
The Dark is Rising

Midkemia series by Raymond Feist

Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind

Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

Women and Men of the Underworld by Kelley Armstrong

I used to like Midkemia but I think Feist has run out of steam over the years with it and ended up going round in circles a bit.

Wow - I’ve read about half of those (I bolded them). We must have similar taste - I’ll havta check into the others.

I think he took a different story line than what he originally had for the series…but now that he’s winding down the story line has improved again. His next book “At the Gates of Darkness” looks good. I have enjoyed all of Feist’s books…well…not all…I didn’t like “Farie Tale” at all…but the Midkemia series has kept me interested.

I have all the books in the series…I was introduced to Feist back in the 80’s…this year I started at the beginning and read all the books in sucession as I was thinking how disjointed the books had become…reading them one right after the other brought back a continuity in the story…I really enjoyed reading them again “for the first time.”

I was introduced to him through the computer game Betrayal at Krondor (still well worth playing although it’s ancient now) and thinking this was a cut above the usual D&D cliche stuff and then reading the books after.

At the work library (there’s just gobs of books available to read, and then put back–there’s a lot of down time between calls), I just encountered the books of SM Stirling, and I’ve got to say I give them a recommend.

The Nantucket Series is pretty interesting, but I’m much more fascinated by the parallel series, the “Change” series. At least, so far.

The Silmarillion

The Lord of The Rings

The Chronicles of Narnia

The King of Elfland`s Daughter: by Lord Dunsany. A very “quiet” and old-fashioned story.

Pinocchio: by Carlo Collodi

The King of Elfland’s Daughter is one of the key fantasy stories of the 20th century but is sadly not so well remembered except among those who know such literature well already. Lord Dunsany is a writer who should be far better remembered, especially in his native country Ireland where his reputation is that of a minor writer. As a point of interest although he was himself Protestant his family are descendants of the Catholic martyr St. Oliver Plunkett and his cousin Joseph Plunkett (who was devoutly Catholic) occupies a position analogous to the one of the founding fathers would in the US.

The Charwoman’s Shadow is another book by him that is well worth reading. He is definitely more quiet in style than many a writer as Sunna observed. But he repays the effort of reading him many times over.

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