Favorite Final Fantasy villain

This is to test the waters and see just how many gamers there are here.
Which Final Fantasy villain is the best of all time?
Note: Because I haven’t played all the Final Fantasy games (I know, shame on me:tsktsk: ), I’m only posting the villains in the games I’ve played and then posting an other option.

I’ve only played FFVI and VII. My vote would be Kefka. Of all the villains I’ve encountered in a Japanese RPG, this guy takes the cake in making players hate him. Which makes taking him out at the end feel soooo good.

Unlike a certain Breath of Fire game (either III or IV…can’t remember any more) where a major extremely hate-able villain gets away after committing a major atrocity.

I don’t play too much JRPG’s nowadays. The occasional anti-christian sentiment I run into in some games are really starting to annoy me.

I’ve only played the first 3 games, but Kefka is really a disgusting villian. Except when he makes me laugh…like in III where he’s getting his soldiers to brush the sand off his boots on the way to Edgar’s castle. And I can’t think of the name of the Castle town right now. It’s been awhile since I played my Nintendos.

Just a kid at heart. :smiley:

I didn’t vote because there’s no Vayne from FFXII. Vayne was everything Seymour wanted to be, but far better at it. And while he did some absolutely insane stuff, he wasn’t doing it for all these grandiose I’M GOING TO FREE THE WORLD FROM SUFFERING reasons, he did it for a very human one: so his little brother Larsa - who is goodness personified IMNSHO - could rule over a better world. He did it for Larsa’s sake. I’m a lot more sympathetic to motives like that.

12 is my favorite in the series to the point where I’m writing Larsa/Penelo for a ficathon, :smiley: Can’t stand the gameplay at all, but love the characters. I also rather liked the way 10 played, I just didn’t find it as inspiring as 12.

Sephiroph of course. Final Fantasy VII is the best. I bought the soundtrack so I can listen to it while studying and remember the days when I actually had time to play video games. I pretty much can picture every scene in the game just by listening to the soundtrack.

Culex, who is actually from an odd Mario RPG for the SNES. But it’s a fun game. IMHO, ChronoTrigger beats all FF games.

I like the Mario RPG from SNES, too. And ChronoTrigger. But I love FF III for some reason. Zelda is wonderful, though. I’m talking the older games, now. Especially the first Zelda. It was a breakthrough in gaming back in the day. And Lufia. Sigh…Like I said. A kid at heart. I only have the first 3 Nintendo gaming consoles, though, and only the one Zelda game for #3. But quite a few games for the other two consoles thanks to a nephew.

When I was a kid…:rolleyes: …we had pinball games. Period. And not in our homes. LOL! My first interaction with an arcade game…Space Invaders!!!..was in a pizza place when I was in my 30s. Kids back off! It’s MY turn now. :cool:

IMNRHO (In my not remotely humble opinion), Xenosaga is the best J-RPG–it’s much deeper than FF games, generally, and has a much more involving fight system.

I have heard good things about Chrono Trigger, though.

Yea, I really want to play Xenogears, but I’ve not figured out how to get a proper PSX emulator on the Mac. But ChronoTrigger is by far the best RPG game I’ve ever played. Knights of the Old Republic is pretty good too.

Why am I not surprised that even here, Sephiroth has fans. XD

Don’t get me started. I only really like 6, 10, and 12.


I think Rufus Shinra’s father in FFVII was a great deal more despicable than Sephiroth. Sephiroth murdered Aeris and summoned Meteor, sure, but Shinra wiped out a huge number of people just to defame AVALANCHE, and he watched from above while listening to the screams of the innocent over classical music and sipping brandy. He also made people work like slaves for the company. Sephiroth just went around, posed a whole bunch, stabbed people, burned down a town, and summoned a meteor.

I love to hate Albus from FFT. He was like Draco Malfoy, just dumber.

Yet he has the biggest following of loyal fan girls! :rotfl:

I think Sephiroth has been supplanted by now. Plus I’m not a girl.

Oh man… I don’t care how crazy the villains from FFT got, Algus shooting Delita’s sister was really the nastiest and most despicable thing in the whole game.

Also, on Sephiroth: Sephiroth is like Matt Engarde from the second Phoenix Wright game. Absolutely no redeeming traits shown to us, and not even that clever of a villain, but OMG HOT BISHIE (Matt is a prettyboy children’s TV star), so he has tons of fangirls. It’s the exact same thing, and it bothers me. If you’re going to fangirl evil, at least fangirl the well-executed kind.

That’s the reason why I find it hilarious. No matter how well made in terms of character are the other villains it’s hard to say that when you’ve been around Sephy’s many fan girls. I agree that there are other villains that could be better than him but to say that his fan club isn’t the loudest is still a stretch. I should know, my little sister’s a big fan girl (in fact, the only reason why I voted Sephy was because she threatened to strangle me >.>;:wink:

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