Favorite Food Network show/host?

My favorite is Alton Brown. I use his recipe for Pan Seared Rib Eyes during the winter when I don’t want to fire up the grill outside. Pretty good.

I love Alton Brown! My mother is confined to the home so she watches Food Network a lot. She likes Paula Deen since Paula cooks like she used to. She likes The Barefoot Contessa, and she likes Sandra Lee, but she doesn’t really trust her. I mean, look at how skinny she is - doesn’t she eat her own food?

I love Dinner Impossible with Robert Irvine.

I also still love Rachel Ray - though I do not like what she cooks on 30 min meals. Even though her face is all over the place, I think she is cute as a button and her giggle is infectious.

I also love Duff from Ace of Cakes.

I really use Rachel Ray’s recipes. They tend to be not only good but affordable. I like watching Barefoot Contessa, but most of her ingredients are too high-end for my budget. I also love the Ace of Cakes show, Dinner Impossible and Iron Chef. We love Morimoto in our house because we have seen him at his restaraunt here in Phila, having a beer at the sushi bar. Sorry Paula Deen lovers, but she is too much for me! Her sons have a cool show, though.

anyways, just my:twocents:

I hear ya–they are the mercedes of cakes! haha I don’t like that Duff doesn’t make his staff wear gloves…I mean…sorry, but if I’m spending that much on a cake…people need to be wearing gloves. They wear gloves at Subway, why not when decorating those cakes! I am a germaphobe, but still…it’s something that grosses me out a little when watching that show.:blush:

How can we forget about the best chef ever: Emeril Lagasse!
I love his shows, the music, the food and his comments are so funny!
He is my favorite!:thumbsup:

I LOVE Emeril too, but I am also a huge fan of Paula and Alton. I love watching “Paula’s Party”… it is hilarious! :smiley:

Four years ago my husband was deployed to Guantanamo Bay for a year. During that time I “discovered” Food Network, and actually learned to cook. We had been married 25 years at that time, and in all those years I had not put a proper meal on the table – I just didn’t “get it.”

Alton Brown changed all that – because of his scientific approach to cooking, I now actually understand the science behind cooking and baking.

I’ve since moved beyond Food Network and use most of Julia Child’s recipes, and have begun to develop my own. We’ve never eaten so well, or so healthily. I now actually decline to go to restaurants because I cook far better than the food I’m generally served at most places.

I still watch Good Eats, and also like Paula Deen and Giada DiLaurentiis, mostly for entertainment value.


I’m a nerdy science teacher so of course I love Alton Brown and Good Eats! There have been many episodes that I think “I could show that in class!”. I also watch Rachel Ray’s 30 Minute Meals but don’t care for her other shows.


About two months ago, my husband, my sister and I were eating at our favorite local Italian restaurant. A couple walked in and I knew right away she looked familiar and I knew her from somewhere! I didn’t want to be rude and stare too much so I just let it go. At that point, the gentlemen turned around and I recognized him immediately as our State Attorney General Andrew Coumo. Then it hit me who she was! It was Sandra Lee! I had read they were dating. She looked so pretty in real life.She had a simple black sun dress on. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail and had very little make up on.

On the way out, I stopped to say hello (it’s a very small restaurant) and she was very talkative and friendly. We discussed how all the colors match on the show, where she lives, and how she was getting ready to tape new episodes. Of course, DH was having his own conversation with Mr. Cuomo about politics as DH is a City Manager.

A very interesting dinner indeed!

She’s dating Cuomo? Wow…I remember when she was married a few years ago–she would talk about her hubby…I wondered what happened to their marriage. She seems like such a sweet lady…and is an amazing cook too!!:slight_smile:

I love Paula Deen, Emeril, and Alton Brown. Giada’s recipes are good but it is too disconcerting to see someone so slim. Italian cooks should be like Lydia (but she’s on PBS). :smiley:

LOL! :smiley:

Lydia’s recipes are so hard to think of making though…but truly authentic.

Off topic: but is anyone else bothered by Giada DeLaurentis and her low cut shirts? It seems every time I turn on the show she is wearing a push-up and something VERY low cut and immodest!

Seriously, I almost called the show to comment. I thought, you can be cute and cook meals without hanging out all over the food. Enough said.

I vote for Sandra Lee, I like a lot of them actually.

I have noticed that…she seems like a modest person, though–she is happily married–hmmm. I have noticed that, maybe the kitchen is hot.:stuck_out_tongue: (Sandra Lee sometimes surprises me too:eek: ) But, overall, she dresses modestly.

Anyone watch Nigella Bites? She rocks!

Totally. That’s why I don’t watch her show. Giada, put 'em away and concentrate on the food!

I wish Sandra Lee would wear low cut shirts and Giada would just stop with the toothy smiling:D

'put ‘em away’ hahahaha…omg:p you guys are funny !

I like The Contessa and Giada because they’ve taught me a lot about cooking and generally have good recipes. I like the classic recipes and good technique.

(I have wondered, though, how it’s possible that Giada eats her own food. She’s awfully thin. And yeah, I agree that the cleavage/neckline thing is out of control.)

Alton Brown, same reasons as above, plus he’s hilarious and his show is the most entertaining. I think Paula Deen is funny, too. Some of her basic recipes are questionable, but for desserts/cakes/pies, etc.- nobody’s better.

LOVE, love Iron Chef!

Sandra Lee: I actually watch her show a lot; I kind of can’t help myself. You know how you sometimes can’t help but slow your car down to get a good look at a trainwreck? Same concept. Her cooking is ridiculous, IMO.

Rachael Ray: see comment on Sandra Lee. Throwing a bunch of random ingredients together to make a the mystery cassarole/ melty-slop-of-the-day just isn’t showing us anything we need to know about cooking, or food. Also, she needs to calm down.

I do still watch *$40 a Day *on occasion.

(Sidenote/rant—> A part of the problem is these shows have been going on for years now and the cooks are understandably running out of ideas. There’s only so many recipes under the sun. IMO, they would do good by scaling back a little. Less gimmicks, more real food and classic techniques that will last a lifetime. :thumbsup: )

Tyler Florence is awesome. He knows his stuff, and I like the way he walks us step-by-step through one or two dishes an episode, showing us all the ins and outs. (As opposed to spreading himself too thin over a 6-course menu.)

Mario Batali also knows his stuff. I’ve learned so much about real Italian cooking from him and Giada. I’ve heard that he’s no longer with the Food Network, though, aside from a few leftover re-runs.

Emeril…eh. He kind of bugs me.

I get some good ideas also from Ellie Kreiger. I like how in recent shows she’s eased up a little and will sometimes use real butter or sour cream (for example), but in moderation…proving that you can make healthy food without sacrificing flavor!

Did I leave anyone out? :slight_smile:

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