Favorite Gilligan's Island Moment

Gilligan’s Island fans come join us in revisiting the infamous island where Gilligan, the Skipper, the Millionaire and his wife, the movie star, and the rest spent three seasons trying to survive and get off the island on their witts and humor alone (oh yes, and with a little help from the versatility of cocunuts).

So what do you like best about Gilligan’s Island?:stuck_out_tongue:

I am first, Any time the Professor invented something out of coconuts or bamboo to save the day. Can’t remember how they kept the radio batteries alive so long, but he must have been years ahead of his time.

The episode where Phil Silvers landed on the island. They produced a musical Hamlet, the lyrics are hysterical.

Also the one where they got a crate of radioactive seeds. Mary Ann ate lots of carrots & had super eyesight. Mrs. Howell ate sugar beets and was super fast.

When they find a trunk full of acting props and a movie camera. They act out their situation in hopes some one would see the film and come rescue them. For folks that could make bikes out of bamboo, they sure acted dumb sometimes. I remember sitting in front of the TV and saying something like, “why don’t you write a note and film it.”

And for all the people that accidentally got stuck on their island, weird how they could get off and never leave word about the left behind castaways.

Phil Silvers, Don Rickels, a rock band, astronauts, Japanese sailor,
just to name the ones I remember.

Here`s the link where the episodes are found online, for those who wish to refresh their memory.


I am going to look for the Phil Silver episode. There are also some good Bionic Man episodes, notably where Steve Austin travels to the now defunct USSR to deactivate a nuclear bomb. Did I really watch this stuff as a kid?

I thiknk they kept the radio battery going some how with sea water.

One of my favorites is where they were taken off the island by the mad scientist & they all switched bodies. I don’t remember who all got which body, but I do remember Ginger was stuck in Igor’s body and Igor in Ginger’s.

Other favorites:
The Hamlet episode
The Honey Bees episode
The Radioactive Seeds episode

And how about the music? I loved the music - tee doo dee doo dee doo doo (pause) tee doo dee doo dee doo.

Thanks for the link Bresinain. Yup, I’m sure you did watch this as a kid, and just look at you now?

I like the one with the Japanese soldier that is on the island, who still thinks WW2 is going on.

on a seperate note:

Are you sure it is legal to watch those on the internet without buying the DVDs?

I never really thought about it. I dont believe so. It is just a website with all sorts of tv shows on it. If thats illegal youtube must be too. I would like to see the episode of the japanese soldier though, sounds pretty good.

Ok, my favorite is the only episode that takes place OFF the island, with the mad scientist who brings them all to his lab on a neighboring island. Then he switches their brains, and Gilligan becomes Mr. Howell, Professor becomes Mary Ann…etc…

Incidentally, that scientist is the same actor as the Japanese sailor. :smiley:

The funniest thing is when they find the land mine.
Where Gilligan starts banging on it with the wrench…for some reason every time I see that I crack up.

I think because banging on a land mine with a wrench IS funny. :smiley:

Wow, I grew up on Gilligan in syndication and now I barely remember any individual episodes.

Ones that come to mind is when the castaways set up some logs in the shape of the letters S.O.S. and set them on fire, to catch the eye of a passing spy plane. But then Gilligan trips over one of the logs and moves it so that it now looks like S.O.L. or something like that, and the pilot thinks that it must be his fans who want to say hello.

There was also the one where Gilligan “kills” a weather balloon “monster” and then sews it into new clothes for everyone, so the Skipper has pants with U.S.A.F. across the seat…

And then the giant spider, and the spider cider…

darn, now I’m going to be up all night trying to remember Gilligan’s Island plots!

Here is a link to an episode guide.

And this book, The Unofficial Gilligan’s Island Handbook that I used to read all the time in my teen years. It’s full of trivia, errors, lists of professor’s inventions, etc… Fun stuff! And you can get it used for $0.34 + shipping!

I like the episode where they almost get off The Island, then at the last minute Gilligan accidentally spoils their escape… :stuck_out_tongue:

(Um…And the one where the Mars probe inexplicably lands on The Island instead of Mars, and transmits back to NASA live pictures of the “Chicken People” there)


Tee, Wasnt that like EVERY episode? :smiley:

That was the first one I thought of too! :thumbsup:

same here.

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