Favorite grill out recipes/ meals


We got a new grill a few weeks back. We’ve cooked chicken, sausage and even a roast on it!

Please share your favorite grill out meal ideas. --KCT


We tried this on Memorial Day and it was a HUGE hit!! We bought one of those stands that holds a can of beverage (either beer or soda), and you place the chicken over the can, half filled with beverage of choice. The bird is rubbed down with a dry rub, we used a barbecue flavor. Place it on a pie pan (one you don’t care too much about, it will get messy) with a bit of water in the pan. Grill it for about two hours for a 4.5lb bird - and it is out of this world delicious!!!


Blanch some asparagus or broccoli in medium florettes until almost fork tender - drain and toss with olive oil, salt and pepper. Grill on a veggie rack or pierced heavy duty foil until they are slightly browned all over and cooked through. You won’t ever want them any other way again.

Big fat portabella mushrooms - brush with olive oil and grill as if they were burgers, but over a medium heat, not too hot, until they are cooked through. Serve on the side or as burgers (great for meatless Fridays).

Oh - I do love to grill out in the summer!!! :thumbsup:



shrimp…corn…zucchini…oh…and of course…steak. yum…

also salmon comes very good on the grill…if you keep it somewhat covered in foil…how exciting to have a new grill! do you use charcoal at all…or is it all propane? just curious…we are trying to get awat from charcoal cooking, period.


I love ribs, best rub ever:
2 tablespoons salt
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons brown sugar
2 tablespoons ground cumin
2 tablespoons chile powder
2 tablespoons freshly cracked black pepper
1 tablespoon cayenne pepper
4 tablespoons paprika

I usually double it since it should be used very liberally. If only my wife loved BBQ as much as I do, then she’s truely be the only flawless woman in the world. Well that and hockey:D


hmmmm…yum…i forgot about ribs.:hmmm:

i have never tried wings…anyone grill those?


What you are referring to is “beer can chicken”…

Oh, and what I did was marinate some sockeye salmon in a mixture of ranch dressing and dijon mustard and grilled it. (I have read that the best way of grilling salmon is “indirect” heating). I rinsed off the skin and mixed it in with the dog food (for the dog, not me!) because I saw salmon skin supplement tablets for dogs and figured that real leftovers would just be cheaper.


Hey, that’s the same rub mixture I use. Tasty. Although some people who suffer from heart burn claim it just about kills them.

My main piece of advice for anyone who wants to grill ribs is to make sure before you grill them (and before you rub in the spices) that you remove that layer of membrane from the back of the ribs. You can just pull it off in almost one piece by grabbing it with a paper towel and peeling it back. This way you don’t end up with tough, chewy ribs.


“BeerButt Chicken”… MMMMMM

I’m a charcoal guy, and the ONLY grill out there IMO is the traditional Weber kettle.


How’s that look?? MMMMM
Set up the coals in pans on the sides of the grill (indirect cooking), with a drip pan in the center.
Clean & rinse out Mr. Turkey and:
Rub with Olive Oil inside & out
Liberally sprinkle with “Prudhomme’s” poultry seasoning
Dice up 1/2cup each celery & Vedalia onions, and put in the cavity.
Put foil on the wings (to avoid incinerating)

Plan on about 15mins per pound. Rotate the bird (spin the grate 180) about every 45mins.
Check the coals each “spin”, and re-stoke as needed.

Mr. Turkey is done when he’s 180 degrees in the thickest part of the breast.


Yup, all of those are good. For the portabellas, marinate them in either balsamic vinaigrette or pesto before grilling. Afterward, top with a slice of mozzarella or provolone cheese and some marinara sauce. Veggie burgers don’t get any better than this. :smiley:

We also like to marinate salmon fillets in a mix of 3 parts olive oil, 2 parts soy sauce, 1 part dijon mustard, and minced fresh garlic (if you’re using 3-2-1 tbsps, use one medium clove garlic). That sits in the marinade for 15 or 20 minutes and then is tossed on the grill, skin side up, for 8 min. or so. Then it’s flipped and cooks for another 8 minutes. Yum!

For sides: corn on the cob. You can either completely shuck the corn and wrap the ears in foil, or pull the outer leaves down, remove the inner leaves and cornsilk, and replace the outer leaves (if you do it this way, soak the ears/leaves in water for 20 min. so the leaves don’t catch fire). Grill the corn for about 15 min. and enjoy. Pretty much anything can be steamed in a foil packet. We like to steam sliced onions and peppers, no oil needed, to top burgers or fajitas. Potatoes can be sliced thinly, piled in a foil packet with salt, pepper, butter, and maybe onion, and grilled for 15-20 minutes. I love these because they don’t heat up the house.


Also known as “Beer-Butt Chicken!” :smiley:


Some of our favorite’s on the grill are:
Portabella Mushrooms brushed with a Balsamic Vinegarette made with Olive Oil, Garlic & Herbs
Ribs, Baby Back or St. Louis Style
California Roast, sprinkled with a seasoning made with Black Pepper, Kosher Salt & Garlic Powder. Since we started doing a Roast on the grill, we never cook it in the oven anymore.
Pork Tenderloin seasoned as above
Rib-Eye Steaks
Chicken Wings, Bubba Burgers, & Brats!
This is making me hungry!! My Husband is grilling Wings for his lunch today, my Sister is taking me out to lunch for my B’day, we’re eating Sushi. Tonight we are grilling Steaks at my Daughter & SIL’s ! YUM!!:slight_smile:


One thing that is kind of fun to cook out on the grill is pizza. We make the dough, let it rise, then each person gets a little ball to hand stretch. You get the grill nice and really hot, brush a little olive oil on the dough, then put it directly on the grill. It will bake really quickly. Turn it over once, with one side being left slightly undercooked. Take the cooked dough off the grill and put the sauce and your favorite toppings on the side that is cooked all the way, the undercooked side will go back down on the grill. It’s kind of fun, because then everyone has the chance to compete, to outdo each other in creativity for what makes the best pizza. We usually slice them all up and sample each other’s creations. The kids love to do this.

Some things we put out for toppings are: marinara sauce, sliced tomatoes, fresh or shredded mozarella, fresh basil, pepperoni, roasted chicken, sliced garlic, onions sauteed in red wine, freshly grated parmesan, artichoke hearts, pesto, pine nuts, crumbled sausage, prosciutto…


Jay, that bird looks delicious. I use a Webber also but the one that has gas lighting and then charcoal. I personally think charcoal makes everything taste better especially with soaked wood chunks, hickory, mesquite, apple and others.


Those are nice. I use the regular charcoal kettle, but I use one of the chimneys to start the charcoal. That way I don’t have to use lighter fluid.


DH is famous for his grilled meat loaf. ** Note, he is a charcoal snob, not sure if a gas grill would give the same magic to the meat loaf **

Your favorite meat loaf recipe, but, put it in a foil pan or double wrap in foil - cook on the grill with the lid closed for about an hour (or til your meat therm shows it is done).


I like to grill shrimp. Medium shrimp, peeled and deviened, then marinate in a mix of olive oil dijon, minced garlic and soy sauce. Skewer (I use bamboo skewers, soaked in water so they do not burn) and toss on the grill. You want a pretty hot grill so they cook fast - watch them, over cooked shrimp turn to rubber :slight_smile:

This marinade is also great on salmon or tuna steaks for the grill.


Gas grills are great for a lot of things, burgers, susages of various types, babyback ribs, and such. The problem is gas grills just don’t do good “low and slow” BBQ.


Yeah, I kind of think of our propane grill as an outdoor broiler. It’s great in that the house doesn’t heat up and it allows my husband to cook over fire, but it doesn’t have that charcoal flavor.


Something else good is shrimp wrapped with bacon and fastened with a toothpick and put on a grill pan with holes in it and baste with french dressing (italian might work but we don’t like it as much in this instance). It is done when the shrimp is pink.


tonight, we made fajitas on the grill…veggies and all…i was pleasantly surprised…they turned out terrific!:thumbsup:



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