Favorite Hitchcock Movie

If you were to ask me who makes the scariest movies, I would say it’s definitely Alfred Hitchcock. He made movies that were scary not because of the monsters, but because he shows us the evil of our own souls. Most of his movies could actually happen, and that’s what makes them all the more frightening (I’m excluding The Birds. There’s just no way that could happen). Sorry) So, since Halloween is when we celebrate everything scary, I’m celebrating Alfred Hitchcock. Here’s my favorites:
Rear Window
Psycho (note: Only the original had anything to do with Hitchcock)
North By Northwest

Rear Window
North by Northwest

My overall favorite would be Rear Window. It scared the heck out of me when I was a kid. Perry Mason turned evil! :smiley:

I liked the Birds.

Have you ever seen chickens pecking another chicken to death? It’s ugly…

I have a pet bird…it can peck HARD when it wants something. It can also BITE HARD when it is angry or scared.

So have you heard? Bird…is the word. Bird, bird, bird…bird is the word…

Rear Window and sorry, The Birds, even though you don’t want to consider it.

Hi all,
I recently watched ‘Strangers on a Train’ again. Excellent. The characterisation is magnificent.
‘Rear Window’ is another favourite.
God Bless,

I didn’t say that. I just said that I thought it was an exception to his usual “this could actually happen” route.

Rear Window! I saw it in theaters a couple of years ago!

When I was a kid…I saw “The Birds”…“The Man Who Knew Too Much” with Doris Day…“Que Sera Sera”…was a Doris Day fan when I was a young man.


“Lifeboat” and “Spellbound” (no relation to the spelling-bee docu) are two of my faves, and apparently one of the doctors on “House” loves “Vertigo,” too, because the movie poster’s in his office.

The Birds.

Lifeboat. How the Germans fell for Hitler, and why we could all do the same horrible thing, given the right (evil) circumstances.

And another vote for The Birds. When you are as :eek::eek::eek:of birds as I am, you grow up believeing that, someday, they can & will attack; I dove under the seat at the theatre…I’m actually surprised I managed to come out again. (I. Hate. Birds.)

My sister would beg to differ… over the years, she has been attacked, on three separate occasions, by blackbirds or grackles. The first time was when she was 11–she was out watering the lawn and a blackbird landed on the fence and started screeching at her, then it jumped to the ground and started approaching her, wings outspread and cawing menacingly. She turned the hose on it to scare it away, but it flew at her legs and she dropped the hose and ran screaming for the door… which was locked!

After that, about ten years later, she was heading out to her car to go to work when a grackle swooped down from the roof and tried to snatch a shiny gold barrette out of her hair! She dove into the car only to realize she had left her keys in the house! She honked the horn until my dad came out and asked what was wrong and he had to get her keys for her!

The last incident that I know of was about three years ago. She was waiting for my husband and me at the airport to pick us up and she was sitting in her parked car when she heard a noise on the roof, a clicking, tapping sort of noise. At first, she thought it had started to rain and it was raindrops, but nothing was falling on the windshield. She reached for the door handle just as a couple of large blackbirds landed on the hood right in front of her. She let out a scream and then she noticed passers-by looking at her and pointing… her car had become a roost for about eight or nine blackbirds! She honked the horn, but no one seemed to want to approach the car! Finally she took off driving which finally scattered the birds, but she was a wreck by the time we came out of the terminal… she spent more time watching the sky than the road in front of her!

Needless to say, “The Birds” is my sister’s least favorite movie of all time!

Hands down, there is no other Hitchcock movie that tops it …IMO of course~!:stuck_out_tongue:

Zooey>> posting from under the bed, with weapons & a cookbook called “1001 Ways To Kill & Eat Our Feathered Friends”]:
…pssstt: please tell her I’m sorry, I’m not coming within 900 miles of her!..
…ducking for cover again…]

Ahh yes, The Birds.

For some reason still unknown to me, my parents let me watch it one night when I was a wee young’un. Stupid idea.

We lived, it must be noted, in a seaside town not dissimilar from the locale portrayed in the film.

More than that, my school was within a stone’s throw of the beach. Needless to say, come lunch hour an awful lot of inquisitive seagulls would kindly invite themselves along to try to share our lunches. Needless to say, I spent as much as possible of my lunch hour safely indoors in the school library.

Had a good effect in that it produced a lifelong love of books. Had a bad effect in that I still REALLY don’t like seagulls.

Mind you, our Australian magpies (which aren’t actually magpies, just as koala bears aren’t really bears) can be incredibly protective of their young in spring when they are hatching. Certain wooded areas become ‘no-go’ zones and anyone foolhardy enough to venture near them is certain of being swooped upon, and usually viciously pecked for good measure.

Yup, we got some great wildlife in these parts :rolleyes:

And it’s not just blackbirds, crows, grackles or ravens, either!

About 18 years ago, DH and I vacationed in Estes Park, CO. We were admiring the view from a spot that overlooked Sheep Lakes in Rocky Mountain National Park. The spot was swarming with squirrels and chipmunks that were being fed by tourists (a commonly ignored no-no) and there were a few people standing around, holding up peanuts in the shell high in the air with their fingertips that were being snatched by blue jays… BIG, aggressive blue jays. One of which, perhaps growing tired of having to wait his turn to get a peanut, dive-bombed a 14-year-old kid holding the peanut bag and knocked his hat off. The kid screamed, started flailing his arms in panic and dropped the peanut bag. Peanuts exploded everywhere… and suddenly blue jays came swarming in from all directions! People ran screaming for their cars (it’s a miracle no one was hurt!) and DH and I sat in our truck thinking, “Is this really happening?” We’ve since heard stories of blue jays snatching food out of people’s hands while they were eating (imagine going to take a bite of your sandwich and suddenly finding yourself with a mouthful of blue feathers!) We see a few around where we live, and even the dog won’t go near his food dish if jays are feeding at it!

The other surprisingly aggessive bird we’ve had experience with is… hummingbirds! One evening we were sitting on our deck having coffee when my husband suddenly felt like someone had struck him in the back of the head with a small pickax! He dropped his coffee cup and grabbed his head just as a hummingbird came and hovered right in front of us and then zoomed in to attack again! Neither of us was wearing red (the first question everyone asks) and we weren’t even aware that there was a hummingbird around. A neighbor down the road kept about two dozen feeders in her yard so the hummers usually congregated there, but maybe one decided to trick-or-treat down the street and we ended up going inside to get away from the little beast (who hovered menacingly just outside the screen door for about ten minutes… even the cat refused to go out!) DH had a welt the size of a quarter on the back of his head and needed an ice pack to take the edge off the pain and swelling… and we warned the family about marauding hummers in the area (the neighbor was eventually told to remove most of the feeders since she was interfering with the hummers’ migration pattern and could prove deadly to the birds… not that my husband was all that sympathetic to the birds’ plight at that point!)

@Zooey–it’s really sad when even the cats are afraid of the birds! :bigyikes:

I’ve been there too. :thumbsup:

North by Northwest
Torn Curtain (my favorite)

Hi ProVobis,
Here’s a funny piece of trivia concerning ‘North by Northwest’. In the staged shooting scene in the canteen, a little kid can be seen in the background putting his fingers in his ears in anticipation of the gun shot!
Check it out next time you view the DVD.
God Bless,

Dial M for Murder is the most cerebral and sophisticated, for what it’s worth.

The birds is very good, too. The guy is very insulting to the girl.

The most subtle of his “horror” films is Rebecca. I love the scene in which Mrs. Danvers taunts the young Mrs. De Winter, “Do you believe the dead come back to watch the living?” The poor young, unhappy bride tries to deny she believes it, but she’s so miserable and so haunted by the “perfection” of Rebecca that she does believe it. I shudder every time I see it.

As to birds attacking, I’ve had some experience of that too. A group of about 8 crows would come to our birdfeeders to gobble up what had fallen on the ground. I went out with a huge super soaker water gun and warned them off. They circled menacingly overhead, cawing at me, but I stood my ground and they finally gave it up. You just have to show them who’s boss. :nunchuk:

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