Favorite hollywood catholic movie?

My favorite hollywood catholic movie is ‘The Bells of Saint Mary’. I think that this movie has a lot to offer someone who wishes to see various catholicisms put into action. And although I know that there have been some good hollywood catholic movies, I vote this to be the best. I just love Bing Crosby and Ingrid Bergman in this movie.

Do you have a favorite hollywood catholic movie?

“Going My Way” with Bing Crosby and Barry FitzGerald.

I think I’d need a list of Catholic movies, because I’m pretty much stumped now. How about The Trouble with Angels? Sister Act? I’m drawing a blank now.

The Passion of the Christ

The Bells of St. Marys, Boys Town, Going My Way… um…

The Song of Bernadette is my favorite Hollywood movie. I also very much like Come to the Stable starring Loretta Young and Celeste Holm about nuns from France trying to set up a hospital for children in New England. It’s moving and delightfully funny (in the appropriate places).

“Keys to the Kingdom”, even the kids liked it.
I second “Bernadette”

The Mission: Robert DeNiroi, Jeremy Irons

& Joan of Arc w/ Ingrid Bergman


Okay here they are:
The Song of Bernadette
The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima
Boys Town
Quo Vadis?
Going My Way
The Nun’s story

A favorite of mine too but I wouldn’t put it on this list becasue it wasn’t really a hollywood catholic movie all the major studios passed and it becames Mel’s little indie movie that nobody wanted and then something happened to the little indie movie in part because of controversy and in part of a faith community starved for a well made faith film.

I liked the Miracle of Our Lady at Fatima as a Hollywood Film also A Man for all Seasons hollywood produced movies that put catolic saints in good light along with the Jesuits in the Mission that represented the challenges the catholic missionaries in the colonial world faced.

I have ordered this movie. I hope to see it soon. I have heard that it is actually the first part to ‘The Bells of Saint Mary’. But that it is an unofficial first part. I can’t wait to get it.

I love these two, and the Passion of the Christ is awe-inspiring …

but I just have to put in a plug for Lilies of the Field, starring Sydney Poitier … wonderful wonderful wonderful!

The Passion and The Cardinal

I like the movie Lilies of the Field too. But do you think that the movie shows the Mother Superior as being too superior? She seems to be very stubborn. But I think that it has a good message of community spirit and how pride may not be the way to go if one wants to be a chapel alone.

Naitivity Story - As faithful to the bible as Passion was and as respectful as Passion in filling in the blanks and taking liberties. A near masterpiece and instant classic - a great companion film to the Passion - right down to the wardrobe and cinematography!

Song of Bernadette
Going My Way
Bells of St Marys
Passion of the Christ

But she grew and learned as the movie went on. Yes, this is a lovely movie.

There’s a WWII movie…can’t think of the name, but it’s nuns and Nazis. They’re hiding children…anyone? The main scene I remember is the Nazis saying a certain number of nuns have to be executed for their crime, and the tough nun who fought her way through volunteered to be one. That’s about all I remember, but it obviously impressed me.

Bought it on DVD last night! I loved this movie. It was especially moving since my wife and I are expecting our first next week.

I also really loved Sister Act. Even though the movie had some cheesy moments, I have always fantasized about the simplicity of the religious life and for some reason, this movie comforts me.

Is it Conspiracy of Hearts?

Congrats on your first!

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