Favorite Horror movies

I love horror movies, their my guilty pleasure. I hate movies like saw and Hostel (gory and pointless, not in the least bit scary), but love a good horror movie.
My top favorites:
28 Days Later. Very scary and very disturbing. The sequel was a joke.
The Descent. Only movie that has ever really scared me (enought to give me nightmares). Really a horrifying movie. Not for the faint of heart.
The Haunting. The original one, not the remake.
The Changeling. and old George C. Scott film, not sure if many people have even seen it. Great ghost story though.
The Exocism of Emily Rose. Didn’t really scare me, but it’s one of my favorite movies.

I still enjoy many of the classics, such as the original versions of Dracula and Frankenstein. A couple others that spring to mind

Halloween–the original only as the sequels were pretty poor
Night of the Living Dead
The Exorcist–only movie that ever truly scared me. I could never watch it again
Silence of the Lambs

I love most of the Stephen King books, but most of the movies have been disappointing at best, especially the original of The Shining, though I didn’t see the remake that he produced himself.

I like the old movies, too. Bride of Frankenstein is especially poignant.

But the best horror movie ever made is Freaks. Todd Browning never worked again in Hollywood after making this movie. For many years, it was banned as “indecent.” I saw it for the first time back in college at a film fest. We now own several copies.

What makes it so terrifying and interesting is that Mr. Browning used real “freaks,” or circus personalities. No makeup, no prosthetics. Nowadays, many of these people would probably be in institutions (sad, isn’t it?).

If you watch it, make sure you get the version that has several endings (it was reworked several times to see if the public would accept it, which they didn’t).

Another modern movie that I like is Poltergeist. Great themes of parental love and loyalty.

I think one of the truly scariest movies ever made was the old version of Night of the Living Dead. The way those people just slithered along, and they still managed to catch their victims–aaaggh!

The Descent doesnt sound very nice.

I think what Fr. Serpa says in this thread here is really helpful in determining what kind of movies we should be spending our money on.

Salems Lot

The Haunting
House on Haunted hill (newer version)
Friday the thirteenth 1,2,3,4 (all the others were horrible)
Nightmare on Elm Street
Red Dragon

my favorite horror movie, if you can call it that, and is the only one i watch these days is the living dead series. i never ever liked the exorcist and i never will. never. its too satanic and its too creepy.
no thanks. i wont watch rosemary’s baby or even any of the damien /omen series.

i used to watch movies like, steven king movies, and some other horror shows, but nothing as evil and creepy as exorcist or rosemary’s baby or damien/omen movies.

Freaks was great! I’ll also second The Exorcist, Night of the Living Dead, and the Bela Lugosi Dracula.


The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari (the original, and the reason psychiatrists are villains so often)
Nosferatu (both Murnau’s original and Werner Herzog’s remake)
Shadow of the Vampire (a horror movie about the filming of Nosferatu!)
Evil Dead (and, of course, Army of Darkness; I haven’t seen Evil Dead 2 but it sounds excellent)
The Wolfman
London After Midnight (a lost Tod Browning silent movie with Lon Chaney Sr.; AMC, I think it was, got a reconstruction done with studio stills. It looks like it used to be great)
The Brain that Wouldn’t Die (great MST3K episode on this)
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
The Abominable Doctor Phibes (Vincent Price!)
Dog Soldiers (fun werewolf movie following a hapless squad of soldiers on a training exercise in Scotland; it’d make a good double feature with An American Werewolf in London)

I don’t like the direction most modern ‘horror’ has been going lately; the genre seems to have pretty much turned into fake snuff films and lost what originality it had. Hopefully that trend will change soon.

When A Stranger Calls (not the newer one; this one was filmed in the early 80’s and still scares me today.

The Grudge

The Ring

I wouldn’t call The Descent a ‘nice’ movie, it’s a very scary and disturbing movie. But In my opinion it isn’t morally wrong to like it. Theres nothing in the movie that would tempa person to sin. I mean, after seeing that movie I’m definately not going cave diving;)
And I truely did not find it nearly as violent as some other movies. Most of the gory parts are just barely seen because it’s dark. The goriest part is when one of the women falls resulting in her leg breaking. You can see the bone sticking through her skin.
I don’t follow everything the USCCB says about movies. If it were literally Bishops reviewing the movies i would, but it’s regular lay people and the site has been wrong before. They originally rated brokeback mountain A (Adult) rather than morally offensive.
Like i said, there is nothing in The Descent that would lead to temptation of sin. It’s a movie about survival.

I like 28 days later, and cough Shawn of the dead cough :smiley:

Seriously… me and my best friend watched the Hills have eyes in theater and we were laughing the whole time, in a silent movie theater. I don’t understand it but I can’t take that movie serious. Children of the Corn kind of creeps me out.

I love Shaun of the Dead, one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. Hot Fuzz wasn’t bad either, but not as good as Shaun of the Dead. Simon Pegg is a really funny actor though.

And I was just about to start a thread whether Catholics/Christians should watch horror movies or not…and here’s my answer! According to Fr. Serpa’s guidelines, I don’t feel watching horror movies will cause me to sin and I don’t see how the money spent on them is any worse then spending money on any other sort of movie/TV dvd…it’s all basically going to the same place. Of course, if I heard specifics about where it went, that would come into play.

Anyways…I’m a horror movie glutton. I spend most of the weekends in October at home having little mini-marathons of my favorite horror flicks. I would say current my favorite series is Romero’s zombie films…Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead especially, which oddly enough were both remade quite well. I enjoy the Halloween series, even the cheesy ones (the original and H20 are the best IMO) because when I was little I scared to death of Michael Meyers, Silence of the Lambs, Resurrection (kinda like Saw and Seven, very suspenseful serial killer type movie), the first Saw (I didn’t find it overly gorey and plotless in the least), The Ring, The Shining, King’s remake of The Shining, and an honorable mention to the television show “Mystery Science Theater 3000”, which while not straight horror has taught me to enjoy even the worst horror and sci-fi films. :slight_smile:

Frailty with Mathew Maconnahey (I misspelled the last name) not only freaked the begeebers out of me, it also left me thinking. Not bad for a horror flick!

I really don’t see how a horror movie would tempt someone to sin. Are they going to be tempted to go out and get themselves murdered by a psyco? So there isn’t anything wrong with being a horror movie glutton:thumbsup:

this movie scared me to death as a kid—I think because it was in a child’s nursery and there was a huge dollhouse like I had…


and this is not a movie but I still get totally creeped out when I hear the frantic theme song to the old Patty Duke Show! I actually get frightened!:eek: :eek: :eek:


I used to LOVE Night Gallery with Rod Serling. And the original ‘Shining’ scared me too. I guess there is something about demonic type houses that frightens me–geee couldn’t be because I grew up in one could it?

I love the old silent horror films too and yes ‘Freaks’ was SCARY!
‘Whatever Happened to Baby Jane’ and ‘Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte’ were also responsible for many a nightmare for me as a kid.

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

There was also a movie I can’t remembr the name of, I thought it had to do with an Incubus but it is not the movie of that name. It was about an amish-ish guy who left the village against the wishes of everyone and married an outsider and brought her back and how they were cursed for it. And the whole movie horrible things happen culminating with him being ripped apart by farm machines and it is ultimately blamed on some mentally challenged young man in the village and you think everything is all honky-dorry and then as the credits start to roll (or right at the very end) she goes back in the house and the livingroom floor opens up to a Hell mouth and swallows her. If you stopped watching it when you thot it was over you would never know the real ending and it was startling, made me nearly jump off the chair!
:eek: :eek: :eek:

Exorcist: the Beginning-(SPOILERS;SPOILERS)

I noticed that the storyline of this film is set in the 1950’s or something, yet Fr. Merrin uses English during the exorcism (yet they did have his colleague here use Latin). And it seems ICEL has sneaked in here since it has the translation ‘And also with you’. Finally, the Church is supposed to be Byzantine yet the statues inside(including the giant Crucifix that was uprooted and hung upside-down) was anachronistic; more like Medieval/Renaissance artthan 4th century Byzantine art.

The Ring-(Japanese version)

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Shake, Rattle and Roll series (Philippine film; sometimes the plot was a bit scary but at others, campy)

Feng Shui (Another Philippine film; seriously scary if you watch it in the dark)

sean of the dead was a good movie. a little ridiculous, but a good one.:smiley:

**“The Shining” was really creepy for me and there are still parts of it that I can’t watch.

“Misery” although not really a horror movie scared the the begeegies out of me.

“Halloween” and “H20” were the only two in the series that I liked.

“Nightmare on Elm Street” I only watched once. Which was enough to make me lose sleep.

“Shaun of the Dead” I really enjoyed, there was enough humor in it and there was not the usual underdressed teenage girls who seem to forget how walk or run.

I also enjoyed the “Scream” series. It was nice to see the bad guys being hurt when they had stuff thrown at the them or were kicked/hit by someone.**

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