Favorite hymn video

alright y’all whats your favorite hymn? here’s mine: youtube.com/watch?v=hQqJF-2ijhg&feature=channel_video_title

:nope: no replys

Right now, this would be pretty close to my favorite. youtube.com/watch?v=-ndfJiyismM

I’ll admit I’m kind of eclectic. Grew up in the Bible Belt, you know. I have loved this since I was just a kid. youtube.com/watch?v=DSKNkL0HlRs

And being a hillbilly (a “Ridgerunner”) I have always like this. And yes, we do have a convert (daughter of a Baptist preacher) who plays the hammer dulcimer sometimes at Mass. youtube.com/watch?v=60w4Y-_fxxs

Yeah, I know. Kind of had to grow up with it.

yay :smiley: im not the only hillbilly on here

No. You sure aren’t. Southern Mo Ozarks here. I put “Aux Arcs” as my location because that’s the original spelling of it. French missionaries going up the Mississippi asked the Indians what the hills west of the river were called, and they replied in French “Aux Arcs”, which means “where the bows come from”. That’s because of a bush/tree that grows here (the bois d’arc or “bodark”) that makes the best bow wood imaginable.

“Aux Arcs” pronounced in French sounds exactly like “Ozarks”, which is a sort of anglicization of the name.

Oh God Beyond all Praising

I’ve been loving this hymn for a few months now. The video is boring but the hymn is beautiful.


One of my very favorites. It sounds better than this person at the church I go to though. The lead singer and the rest of the choir belt this out better than anyone I have seen on Youtube.

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