favorite hymns?

Just out of curiosity, I want to know everyones’ favorite hymns. I particularly like “Christ Be Our Light.”

I like “Christ Be Our Light” too :slight_smile:

Also: “Come As You Are”, “Gather Us In”, “I Am The Bread Of Life”, “The Servant Song” and “As The Deer” (not really a traditional hymn though).

Come Holy Ghost

Ave Maria

They Will Know We Are Christians

Salve Regina and Jesu, Dulcis Memoria :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t like to sing “I am the Bread of Life” because I am not. We should sing “YOU are the Bread of Life” to Jesus, or “HE is the Bread of Life.”

I like the traditional stuff. It’s more appropriate to the liturgical changes too. But that’s just my preference. There are also a few of the newer hymns I like. Just remember that the hymns we use in Mass are liturgical music, so we should never sing what we would not say. I would never say, “I am the Bread of Life,” therefore, I don’t sing it at Mass.

Any of these:


But especially Magnificat. :thumbsup:

Come Holy Ghost is the first song that always comes to my mind. The song Whatever You Do to the Least of my Brothers has special meaning for me.

I also love St. Patrick’s Breastplate (I Bind Unto Myself Today).

Not in any specific order…
-Chaplet of Divine Mercy
-Here I Am Lord
-Lord of the Dance
-Rise & Shine
-Servant Song
-Song of the Body of Christ
-Let There Be Peace On Earth
-Lord, I Lift You’re Name On High

and the list goes on and on!!!

“As the deer” is an awesome song…too bad they don’t play it in church very often, if ever. Thanks for reminding me about that song :slight_smile:

I also like Here I Am Lord, and Let There Be Peace on Earth. Lord of the Dance is a song that I find myself singing when I feel good.
Another song that often comes to mind is Hear Oh, Lord.

I love hymns! It’s probably not a good reason but most of my motivation of going to church is to listen and sing the hymns :stuck_out_tongue:

I like:

  • “On Eagle’s Wings”
  • “Prayer of Saint Francis”
  • “Servant Song”
  • “Here I am”
  • “As the Deer”
    among many others I used to sing back in my Catholic elementary school. I was in choir.

I have many non-Catholic Christian friends who sing stuff like Hillsong (like “ONE WAY…JESUS!”) and I respect them and all…it’s just not the same. I prefer the Catholic hymns because they just seem more…majestic and musically pleasing.

Oh and “Hosea” is a really good one too!

Hail Queen Of Heaven The Ocean Star
Blake’s Jerusalem
Lead Kindly Light
Abide With Me

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