Favorite Icon of the Holy Virgin?

In my constant quest to create an icon corner, I need to paint an icon of the Theotokos. I really love “The Inexhaustible Cup” and “Virgin of the Sign” and there’s a really good Maronite icon of the Virgin and Child.

Anyways, I wanted to gage the Eastern Catholic folks here on what was there favorite one as I’m having trouble deciding. I love the Byzantine style, and also the “Arabian” style as well. So if you all could share your favorite and suggest one for me to paint, I’d be more than appreciative!

Alaha minokhoun

Here are some.

My favorites are Dormition, Pokrov, and this one, whose name I don’t know.

I’m not an Eastern Catholic, but I really love the icon of the Black Madonna of Czestochowa.


I’m not Eastern Catholic either, but my favorite icon is the Our Lady of Guadalupe icon (Yes, I know, the icon of Our Lady of Guadalupe is not Eastern). :wink:


One of my favourites is on there - the Theotokos of Vyshorod/Vladimir

I like the Holy Protection, and OLPH, which is the one I have in my icon corner, but someday I would like to have a copy of the icon of the Theotokos that is in Hagia Sophia…I have seen it up close and it is awesomely beautiful.

You can see it here:goarch.org/en/resources/clipart/icondetail.asp?i=126&c=Theotokos&r=panagia5

The Weeping Icon of Maripovch.


This is one of my favorites, “Come Lord Jesus”. Theotokos (OLMC) surrounded by Carmelite Saints. Sorry so big. It’s the only clear one I could find.


I like the Panagia “Formidable Protection” one, and also the Theotokos of the Don.

The Holy Protection, OLPH, and Our Lady of Mariapoch are my favorites, probably in that order. But really , how can you even choose!:slight_smile:

Indeed, where does one start?

I would have to say The Mother of God of the Sign (Znamennie); the Mother of God of Pochaiv; of the Passion (“Perpetual Help”); of Zarvanytsya; of the Kyiv-Pecherska Lavra; and of the Inextinguishable Cup.

Sorry, I can’t limit it anymore than this.

And Zhirovitsi - OK enough already…

I like the Sweet Kissing (Glykophilousa). I have one similar to this one from Skete.com on my desk.



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