Favorite image of Our Lady?

What’s your favorite image of Our Lady?
Personally, anything by William Bouguereau I love. If I had to pick just one, I think it might be this one:


I just wish I knew how to put the actual picture in this post.

If YOU know how to include a picture, include your favorite.


My very, very favorite is Madonna of the Streets. I have loved this image since the first time I laid eyes on her. Anyone else out there share this sentiment. I’d love to hear from you.


I love many Madonna pictures but I have had a spiritual experience with Our Lady of Combermere:

I wondered how long until this one showed up!

My 4 year old daughter LOVES this one. It’s the masterpiece we’re studying this month (we homeschool). As soon as she saw it, she was in love.

One of my children’s godmothers also counts this as her favorite.

My favorites are a tie between …

Our Lady of Divine Providence (Patroness of Puerto Rico): I just love how the Christ child is sleeping peacefully and with all loving trust in the Virgin Mary’s lap…

And**…Our Lady of Soufanieh (Damascus, Syria)**: this icon would exude holy oil…some days by the gallons…


God bless

I like the one God drew–the tilma with the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe :slight_smile:


Our Lady of Perpetual Help. It may not be the most artistically striking piece, but I love it. Our Lord ran to His mother when distressed, how can I not do the same?

My favorite image of the Blessed Mother is any one that doesn’t have her looking like a Nordic woman. She was Jewish; have her look Semitic!


:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Our Lady of Magadan - it’s a modern icon by Father William McNicols, very moving.

And doesn’t look Nordic :stuck_out_tongue:

See Lily Marinovic

I love Bouguereau’s images of Our Lady, too, but my favorite one of his is this one (“Song of the Angels”):

:thumbsup: Mine too!

there is an old one my Polish in-laws have, shows Mary hanging swaddling clothes on the line while naked baby Jesus plays in the grass after his bath.

I also like the Polish and Lithuanian folk art images of Mary. St. Anthony Messenger or Liguori Magazine, I forget which, printed several of them a few months go.

Favorite is Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe, ever since I saw the missionary image, photograph of the original, which is so different from the many other copies and renditions I have seen.

Guadeloupe hands down. I also love Our Lady of Perpetual Help, but only in the traditional version. I’ve seen some that “sweeten” her facial expression and those are a bit too saccarine IMO.

That’s Polish Madonna.


My favorites have always been where she is with her son, either infant or as an adult. I dont like seeing her depicted without her son.:o

La Pieta!

At a Teen Retreat that I recently worked, we did a Station of the Cross the first evening. As they took Jesus off the Cross, they laid him across Mary’s Lap who was sitting on a bench.

All the people that recognized that sculpture just stood there in awe! It was beautiful!

Absolutely! :thumbsup:


One of my favorite images is in my signature.

Guadalupe, hands down. Who can beat a self-portrait? And if you haven’t seen the Missionary Image, which is a full-size photographic reproduction, you owe it to yourself to see it the next time it comes to your diocese. It is miraculous, in every sense of the word! Many miracles have been attributed to it.

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