Favorite James Bond Movie

This is just for fun. I’m kind of weary of heavy theological topics.

What’s your favorite James Bond movie?

I personally like* Live and Let Die*. The music, the girl (Solitaire), the plot–everything. It was also a very close match to the novel, although in the novel, Solitaire was a lot more dangerous than Jane Seymour’s character.

I also liked For Your Eyes Only. Great music! The figure skating side plot was a plus for me, although I’m sure others found it irritating. And even though the “actress” that played Melina wasn’t really an “actress,” I still thought the character was beautiful and strong. And I love Topol!

My favorite would be From Russia With Love. Sean Connery at his best, exotic locale, great plot and lots of action. Bond should always be in the Cold War era.

Second Choice: Thunderball Third: Dr. No Fourth: Goldfinger (Auric Goldfinger and Odd Job are the best villians

I can’t stand the Roger Moore Bond movies–too gimicky and Moore’s Bond is a comic book character. George Lazenby as Bond–the less said the better. Tim Dalton was OK but a clear second to Connery. Pierce Brosnan, a step down from Dalton. I didn’t see Daniel Craig’s Bond yet. The all time worse Bond and and Bond movie was David Niven in the original Casino Royale.

Indeed, the fight scene in the train cabin (w/ Robert Shaw) is worth the admisssion alone–pure all-out military combatives (you have to see it unedited to get the full effect.)

Oooooh – Disagree! I like On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Better than most Roger Moore’s. Way better than any Timothy Dalton’s.

Then again, [post=860714]I like Shemp[/post] too


Casino Royale is my favorite. Goldeneye was the first one I ever saw and then they went down from there. Since then, I’ve watch some of the older ones, but they’re just too cheesy by today’s standards.

I would never mind sitting down and watching any of the Bond movies, however my favorite was Golden Eye, until the newest one came out. Craig (Spelling :confused: ) did a great job as Bond.

God bless

I think mine has to be GoldenEye.

God Bless.


In the 1997 Cd release “the Best of James Bond” the producers actually personally nominated On Her Majesty’s Secret Service as the best film in the series, as not only was it the most somber dramatic occasions, but it was supposedly one of the hardest to film(especially the ski chase scene apparently) and even harder to market without Connery in the lead role(we take the actor change for granted these days, but it was difficult to sell the first time around). IT was marginally not as sucessfull as the previous bond flicks, but it did well enough for the series to continue and that was success enough for the producers.

I am inclined to agree with this, it’s the best overall film and Lazenby doesn’t do half that bad as Bond.

The other bond flicks I like are “Goldfinger”, “Goldeneye” and if was forced to include a Roger Moore film(I don’t like his movies at all, he was too cheesy as Bond, even Dalton was better) it would be for the sheer fun of it “The Spy Who Loved Me” which is his only really fun(But not good) one.

I have read all of the Ian Fleming novels multiple times. I have three copies of each novel, because I read them so often that they wear out.

But the one novel that I’ve only read twice is On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

It is so very, very sad, incredibly sad. I hate reading it knowing that eventually I will come to the ending and the awful thing will happen. None of us like to think of the day that our loved ones died. That’s what it’s like to read this novel.

I find it very frightening while James Bond is playing the part of Sir Hillary Bray. Fleming handled this masterfully in the novel. James Bond keeps making little errors and getting out of them, but we all know (and he knows) that he isn’t really getting out of them. We KNOW and he knows that Blofeld knows that he is a fake. It’s so scary.

Have you ever been in that situation, perhaps as a child, or even as an adult, when you are in deep, deep trouble, and you keep trying to cover up your errors and pretending that everything is just fine, but you KNOW that you are going to get it really, really bad really soon and you hope that you will survive!

I remember a situation like this at work; we all knew that the lady was going to be fired, and we all kept pretending it wasn’t going to happen and everything was fine, but then the supervisor came into the room and asked to see her in the office, and we all KNEW that she was a goner and it was SOOOOO AWFUL!!! I went home and cried for her.

That’s what reading On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is like.

Also, the ski trip down the mountain is described so graphically. One thing I appreciate so much about the novels is that James Bond really feels pain and exhaustion, whereas in the movies, he seems to be Superman. It’s almost comical, but the novels are not like this at all. You find yourself feeling the cold, the fear, the muscle pain, and seeing (or not seeing) the darkness, the aloneness, as Bond skis down the mountain to get away from Blofeld.

He was so heroic in this novel.

And frank after reading the novel, I don’t think that Diana Rigg was right for the part of Tracy. I think we all knew her too well as Emma Peel, and that’s what Tracy came off as. I think they should have found someone different. I love Diana Rigg, but not as a Bond girl and certainly not as Bond’s wife.

I agree that Lazenby did OK in the role. My only complaint is the heresy of a brown-eyed James Bond! I’ll take blond hair, but not brown eyes!

If you have not read any of the James Bond novels, get them (the Ian Fleming novels). This one is probably the best, but it is so tough to get through. I love all of the novels, though. My favorite has to be Live and Let Die, except for the awful thing that happens to Felix.

Gosh, don’t ever become friends with James Bond! You don’t last long or keep all your body parts!

My all time favorite bond hands down is Sean Connery,tall , sexy, clever and arrogant make the best Bond.
My favorite Bond movies:
From Russia with Love
Dr. No
Diamonds are forever

Sean Connery where are you when we need you?:smiley:

I would have to go with Goldeneye simply because I rock at the video game. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :smiley:

The later Roger Moore Bond films are mostly poor, but I’ve always been partial to “The Man with the Golden Gun” for Christopher Lee as Scaramanga, the theme song, and the exotic Asian locales; and, to a lesser extent, to “Live and Let Die”.

The most mature Bond film, on the other hand is “On her Majesty’s Secret Service”. I can see why George Lazenby wasn’t asked to return as Bond, but the script and the story were way better than most.

Even mediocre Bond films can be fun to watch. I rented “Diamonds are Forever” recently and it was a hoot.

Don’t forget he is also responsible for “Zardoz.”

Goldeneye was the best since it was the first one I saw and the best Nintendo 64 game if not one of the best games of all time. For the older ones I like the ones with Jaws.

Yes, I and many in my dorm spent half of our Sophomore year of college playing Goldeneye on the N64. :o I always won. :smiley:

I haven’t seen all of the Bond movies by a long shot, but of the ones I’ve seen, my fave is “The Living Daylights”, probably because it was the first one I ever saw. TLD and the new “Casino Royale” are the two Bond DVDs I currently own. Oh, I also have a VHS of “Never Say Never Again”, but I haven’t watched it in ages. I’m looking forward to “Quantum of Solace”, which apparently will be the first true continuation of a storyline from one Bond movie to the next.

Actually he wasn’t asked simply because Connery wanted it back… and then they scored the coup of getting “The Saint”… Once again, I don’t like Moore.

I like the new Casino Royale, I also like From Russia with Love, The Spy Who Loved Me, Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies, and For Your Eyes Only.

Didn’t the first few Bond films all deal with the same villian and Spoectra? And didn’t the Man with the Golden Gun have something to do with Live and Let Die? I am only assuming that since I know Baron Samadi was in Live and Let Die and in the Goldeneye game Baron Samadi has the golden gun so there probably is some connection.

I do not know to what continuity [user]MrZoom[/user] refers, but there is some mild continuity in other films. I don’t know that I’d label SPECTRE as particularly continuous – More that it is just part of the Bond universe, like Felix Lighter or M. But things that come to mind are:
*]The events of *Dr No *are mentioned in From Russia With Love
*]The charter boat captain/secret service contractor characters of Quarrel (Dr No) and Quarrel Jr (Live and Let Die)
*]The comic relief character of Sheriff J.W. Pepper appears in both *Live and Let Die *(on duty in Louisiana) and *The Man With the Golden Gun *(on vacation in Hong Kong)

“em – tee_eff_em”

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